Lower Secondary

Our lower secondary school (middle school) is part of the compulsory comprehensive education (peruskoulu) and has year classes 7, 8, and 9 with six parallel groups of about 25 students each. Four of these classes (A-D) study bilingually, one (E) mainly in English, and one (F) mainly in Finnish. In addition to this we have a special education class (G).

All students can apply to the Finnish class but priority is given to those students living in the school’s catchment area. Students applying to the bilingual classes and the English class must take an aptitude test.  

The application process is according to the Helsinki city student enrollment https://www.hel.fi/helsinki/en/childhood-and-education/comprehensive/enrollment/

Students applying from abroad should contact the school directly. Either the International Coordinator Linda Eklöf linda.eklof@www.ksyk.fi for more details or Principal Lauri Halla lauri.halla@www.ksyk.fi with an application.