Native English

The goal of Native English is to expand the English program with the inclusion of voluntary courses dedicated to literature. The study of literature fosters critical reading and critical thought. Horizons are expanded through the vicarious experiences of characters and stories. Cultures are built on histories, legends and religions; literature embraces these and exposes students to these worlds. Literature strikes a balance with the immediacy of the media culture and enlarges the students’ sources of reference. Vocabulary is expanded and built through literature and writing skills are enhanced. The study of literature nurtures the imagination which in turn fosters creativity and innovation.


Native English 1-2 (7th grade) AIEN 1-2

Native English courses are extra courses offer an introduction to literature in the forms of short stories, poetry and novels. The courses are graded and culminate in a creative or classical book report at the end of the school year.  


Native English 3-4 (8th grade) AIEN 3-4

Native English courses 3-4 are elective courses that deepen the student´s understanding of novels and classics. The courses introduce the classic literature essay and deepen the skill of literary interpretation. Effort, attendance, class participation, creative and classic literature projects and an end of year book report are all integral parts of these graded courses. 


Native English 5-6 (9th grade) AIEN 5-6

Native English courses 5-6 are elective courses that are a continuation and expansion of the themes and genres taught in 8th grade. In depth analysis of the moral universe of characters, the symbolism and the universality of themes in the world of literature are taught as a mirror to reality past and present. Creative and literary interpretations of the chosen works and class projects will replace the end of year book report. Course grades and a final Native English grade are given.