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Visual arts (KU)

Students must complete a total of three compulsory courses in music and visual arts during their upper secondary studies. MU1 and KU1 are compulsory for all students, but students can opt for either MU2 or KU2 to be the third compulsory course.

KU1 Me, visual images and culture
The objective of the course is to make students familiar with the contents and foundations of visual culture. Students learn to express themselves and use the concepts of art when examining and assessing images produced by themselves and their peers, as well as artistic and media images. A further objective is to understand the significance of visual arts and other forms of visual culture both in their own lives and in society. Evaluated with a number grade.

KU2 Environment, place and space (alternative with course MU2)
Students learn the basics of design and architecture, expression methods, knowledge of materials, aesthetics and planning processes. Furthermore, students learn to make observations about environmental planning and design from different points of view. They also learn to observe and understand their environment and the significance of community and environmental art. Evaluated with a number grade.


KU3 The media and visual messages
Students learn to analyse and interpret the world portrayed through the media and its relationship with culture and reality and to understand various visual means of influence used in the media. Besides, students lean to use various images and techniques as devices of their own expression and to analyse and develop their own relationship with the media. Evaluated with a number grade.

KU4 From imagers in art to personal images
The course aims at deepening the student's own artistic expression, encouraging them to draw inspiration from existing works of art. Students study art history and analyse and interpret works of art. Evaluated with a number grade.

KU5 Contemporary art workshop
The course aims at familiarising the students with experimental ways of creating art. Students create their own work of modern art, either alone or in groups. In addition, the course aims at deepening the students'understanding of modern art. Evaluated with a number grade.


SKU1 Photography
Students learn the basics of photography and are familiarised with different photographing techniques. The course work is documented in a portfolio. Pass/Fail evaluation.

SKU2 Video
Students work in groups to produce a dramaticed documentary on a chosen theme. Pass/Fail evaluation.