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Physical education (LI)

Sequence of completion:
The compulsory courses must be spread over two years. Depending on the number of completed courses, students can opt for a 'passed' grade in their leaving certificate, if they so wish.


LI1 Diversified physical exercise
Students receive guidance in diverse forms of exercise and sports, taking into account the opportunities offered by the different seasons. Besides, students receive information and get experienced in the measurement of their own physical condition. Evaluated with a number grade.

LI2 Something familiar, new - even personal
The focus is on reinforcing the physical exercise of students' personal choice. Students receive guidance in diverse forms of exercise, taking the winter time into account. Students get a chance to participate in the planning of the course. They also acquire knowledge of and learn skills in measuring their own physical condition. Evaluated with a number grade.


LI3 Downhill skiing course

The downhill skiing course is completed as a one weekend intensive course that includes skiing and snowboarding. The course is organised in Riihivuori, in Jyväskylä. There is a course fee (about 150 euro.) The fee includes bus rides, accommodation in cabins, lift tickets and possible equipment rental. Grading: Completed.

LI4 Fitness and fun

The course focuses on fitness exercises, including exercising in the gym and aerobics in different forms. Each student draws up a personal exercise programme for the course, in the teacher's guidance. Evaluated with a number grade.

LI5 Ballroom dancing
Students practise ballroom dances for the Elders' Day and are familiarised with traditions and manners involved in various festivities. The dances are performed in the school for both students and parents. If possible, students also participate in the big dance performance in the Ice Stadium. Evaluated with a number grade.


LI6 Ball games
Students play indoor and outdoor ball games, according to the wishes of the group. The main focus is on reinforcing students' knowledge of and their skills in certain ball games and developing their social skills. Evaluated with a number grade.

LI7 Health through exercise

The course deepens skills and knowledge linked to physical functions in particular. The aim of the course is to promote regular exercise as well as to observe and develop one's physical abilities. The teacher guides the planning and execution of an exercise programme. The programme is realised using sports technology when possible. Grading: Completed.


SLI1 Wilderness, camping and free-time

The aim of the course is to energise students through great experiences of exercise. The course is organised either throughout the school year or as an overnight camping course during one weekend in one of the national parks in Southern Finland. The contents vary, there can be canoeing, camping, climbing, sup boarding, ice swimming, yoga and golf. The teachers and the students plan the contents together. There are some fees. Grading: Completed.

SLI2 Hobby course

The course is based on a student's active and goal orientated self guided or coach based training. The hobby must be guided and/or supervised; if asked, a student writes a plan explaining the training and the goals and attaches a certificate to prove the nature of training (e.g. Old dances II, a sport on a national level). Grading: Completed.

SLI3 Dance

Hiphop, breakdance or street jazz.



LIDL4 Upper secondary PE diploma

The aim of the course is that the student gives a demonstration of their skills and active participation in a sport. The exercise diploma includes, in addition to actual exercises, a paper and a portfolio. The upper secondary exercise diploma includes a combination of mobility, knowledge, special kills, frequent activities ad co-operational skills and a self evaluation conducted in form of a portfolio. Grading: Completed.