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Philosophy (FI)

Sequence of completion:
The compulsory course is completed prior to the optional courses. Otherwise, students can take the courses in the order they please.


FI1 Introduction to philosophical thinking
The course offers an overview on the history and different areas of Western philosophy. Students are challenged to reflect on the same questions as philosophers, since the times of ancient Greece, have been pondering. Understanding the philosophical way of thinking helps to handle the field of knowledge as a whole and broadens the perspective on other subjects. Evaluated with a number grade.


FI2 A good life? Philosophical ethics
Students familiarise themselves with the most important problems, concepts and theories of philosophical ethics. They also learn the basics of both classical virtue ethics and of consequentialist and duty ethics. Questions of a good life are also focussed on. Students examine the current problems related to environmental philosophy and applied ethics as well as those related to global justice. Evaluated with a number grade.

FI3 Knowledge and reality in philosophy
The course places emphasis on the key questions of metaphysics, theory of knowledge and philosophy of science.

These include, for example, questions on: what being is, what human beings can know, what science researches, what the borders of human knowledge and the world are, and how science affects society. Evaluated with a number grade.

FI4 Social philosophy
Students acquaint themselves with the key concepts and the main trends of social philosophy. Students learn to structure the nature of society, the activities of institutions and the relationship between individuals and society, e.g. rights and duties. The core contents are: social justice; legitimisation of power and possession, social contract theories, anarchism and utopias; political philosophy; conservatism, liberalism and socialism. Evaluated with a number grade.

FI5 Philosophy and world-view
Instead of academic studying of philosophy the course emphasizes philosophizing, producing of philosophy. The student is challenged to reflect and evaluate conceptions, beliefs and values of her world-view. In addition to the conversations and exercises, students write introductions to their personal philosophies at this course. The course is mostly studied in Finnish, but it is possible to take it independently in English. Evaluated with a number grade.