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Geography (GE)

Sequence of completion:
It is recommendable to complete the compulsory courses in the numerical order. Specialisation courses can be completed after the compulsory ones in the order of your own choice.


GE1 The blue planet
Students are made familiar with the planetary nature of the Earth and different physiogeographical zones. Students also study the structures of the hydrosphere, atmosphere and lithosphere and the events shaping the Earth's surface. They learn to interpret natural landscapes using images and maps. Evaluated with a number grade.

GE2 A common world
The topics of the course include phenomena and structures related to human activity; population, settlement, natural resources, towns and sectors of economy. Besides, students learn to use graphic sources and interpret different cultural landscapes using images and maps. Evaluated with a number grade.


GE3 A world of hazards
The objective of the course is to make students familiar with natural phenomena, interaction between human beings and nature of the globe as well as hazards related to human activity and different areas of the globe. Furthermore, students learn to assess human opportunities to anticipate hazards and find ways to solve the problems. During the course, students are expected to follow and critically assess current news of hazards. Evaluated with a number grade.

GE4 Regional studies
Students are expected to be able to apply the knowledge they have acquired in the compulsory courses in their own regional research project and collect information from different geographical source material. Students also learn the basics of cartography and how to visualise and interpret different graphic presentations. They are expected to write a research project on a state or an area agreed on with the teacher. Evaluated with a number grade.


GE5 Revising geography
The course prepares students for both the AS level exam and the matriculation exam by revising the core contents of compulsory and specialisation courses. Pass/Fail evaluation.

GE6 Development geography

In this course students observe differences in development and reasons for these differences on a global and local scale. With the help of examples we learn about developing countries, e.g. the poorest countries in the world and their issues and consider possible solutions. Additionally, students learn about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as well as different forms of development cooperation. Grading: Completed.