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Finnish as a second language (S2)

Sequence of completion:
Students starting from the basics first study courses SS21-SS24, after which the preparatory course for Finnish as a second language (S210) is recommended. Those who are in command of the basics, start their studies in course S210. S210 is followed by the compulsory courses S21-S26.

It is recommendable to complete the courses in the numbered order, but there may be exceptions to the rule. S28 prepares students for the matriculation exam.


S21 Mastering the basics
Students are to become aware of the basic structures of the language and confident in using them. They are capable of setting objectives for their Finnish studies and are encouraged to use the language. The themes are: the student's background and experiences; living between two languages and cultures. Evaluated with a number grade.

S22 Putting language into use
The aim is to practise communication in different social situations and make students aware of their active role in interactive situations. Students learn to analyse and command the Finnish syntax and to understand different devices used for word formation. Evaluated with a number grade.

S23 Influencing through language
Students understand various types of oral and written factual texts, especially opinion texts. They learn to find the main ideas of texts and take a stance on these. They are encouraged to form, express and justify their opinions. They learn to recognise the ways in which they are being influenced. Evaluated with a number grade.

S24 Advanced textual skills
Students practise analytical reading and writing skills and are encouraged to produce texts in an individual manner. They practise identifying the main points and interpreting the key contents. They get familiar with writing on the basis of material. Evaluated with a number grade.

S25 Getting to know Finnish culture
Students get familiarised with Finnish culture, especially literature and other arts as well as media culture. Finnish culture is compared with other cultures familiar to the students. Students make use of the media as mediator of culture and obtain artistic experiences and components for constructing their own cultural identity. Evaluated with a number grade.

S26 Towards the final exam
Students strengthen their language skills by writing demanding texts and assignments. They are prepared to pass the matriculation exam in Finnish as a second language. They reinforce their knowledge of the basic norms of the literary Finnish language and become capable of writing according to these norms. Evaluated with a number grade.


S27 Advanced oral communication skills
Students consolidate and diversify their skills and knowledge related to oral communication and they also learn to assess the significance of oral communication in human relations, studies and working life. Students practise both group and individual communication skills. Evaluated with a number grade.

S28 Writing different texts
The course aims at reinforcing and expanding the students' writing skills, at improving the command of linguistic structures and at developing the writing process even further. Evaluated with a number grade.

S29 Reading and Writing

Students read various texts (short stories, newspaper and magazine articles, study book texts) and complete tasks based on the texts. The aim is to improve reading comprehension and practise text analysis. Numerical grading. The course is offered every second year alternating with course s212.


S210 Preparing for upper secondary studies
The objective of the course is to guarantee that students are able to cope in the most common everyday situations, both in writing and orally. Students practise their skills as Finnish as a second language learners. It is recommendable to complete this course before S21-26. Evaluated with a number grade. A 4 will not count towards the 75 courses. Abicourse.

S211 Upper secondary literature diploma
During their upper secondary studies, students are expected to read 20 works of fiction based on the list presented by the teacher. The texts include prose, lyrics and drama. Various methods of assessment are used: writing essays, discussing the books with the teacher and comparing the assigned works with some other literary works. Pass/Fail evaluation.

S212 Vocabulary

The aim of the course is to broaden students' vocabulary among other things through reading articles related to current events. Different word types and word radicals are discussed and word formation is revised. Graded as ”pass/fail”. The course is offered every second year alternating with course s29.


SS21 Hello, nice to meet you
Basic communicative skills such as greeting, saying good bye and presenting are practised. Students learn to tell some basic things about themselves and to ask their partners some similar questions. The themes also cover family and other close relationships. Oral communication skills are focussed on, and coping in simple everyday situations is practised. Evaluated with a number grade. A 4 will not count towards the 75 courses.

SS22 Everyday life
The themes are: home, relatives, friends and other relationships, leisure time and hobbies as well as other interests relevant to youngsters, routines and vocabulary. Students practise communication in different everyday situations, like shopping and using banking, posting, health care services, or travelling, finding accommodation or eating out. The focus is on understanding and using Finnish orally; the command of basic structures is expanded. Evaluated with a number grade. A 4 will not count towards the 75 courses.

SS23 Studying, work life and plans for future
The topics to deal with are: school, further studies, working life and the future plans of youngsters. Both oral and written skills related to these issues are practised, including for example, descriptions of one's own plans and future hopes. The focus is on oral skills, both on understanding speech and expressing one's own opinion, as well as reinforcing the basic structures. Evaluated with a number grade. A 4 will not count towards the 75 courses.

SS24 Finland and elsewhere
The themes of the course comprise people, geography, history, sights and ways of spending holidays in the students' own countries, compared to those in Finland. Oral skills and the command of basic structures are focussed on. Writing skills are developed by writing simple communicative messages. Evaluated with a number grade. A 4 will not count towards the 75 courses.