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Evangelical-Lutheran religion (UE)

Sequence of completion:
It is recommendable to complete the compulsory courses in the numerical order. After these, students may complete the specialisation courses in the order they please.


UE1 Nature and significance of religion
The objective of the course is to familiarise students with religion as a universal phenomenon. Another objective is to make students see the Bible as a representative of sacred literature and as one of the key literary works of Western culture. Apart from all-round education, the course offers material to structure one's own worldview and learn tolerance. Evaluated with a number grade.

UE2 The Church, culture and society
The objective of the course is to make students acquainted with the main historical events and phenomena of 2000-year-old Christendom, such as: the development of the doctrine, the big denominations and the political and social significance of churches throughout times. Evaluated with a number grade.

UE3 Human life and ethics
The objective of the course is to promote students' self-knowledge and awaken their interest in pondering over the fundamental questions of life and problems. The instruction is based on Christianity and the traditional humanistic values. Evaluated with a number grade.


World religions and religious movements

The course focuses on eastern religions, in particular buddishm, hinduism and Chinese religions. The course also familiarises students with nature religions and new religious movements as well as their influence in western countries. The aim of the course is to develop students' cross-cultural communication skills and ability to thrive in international environments. Numerical grading.

UE5 What do Finns believe in?
Students are acquainted with the manifestations of religion in Finland from
ancient Finnish religions to the present time. Students acquire knowledge and tools to be able to participate in the religious discussions in Finland. They also get aware of the religious culture of their region. The course is taught in Finnish. Evaluated with a number grade.

UE6 Revision course

The course is aimed at students taking the religion matriculation examination. In this course students practise examination techniques by writing essays, source-based essays and mock exams. The course is realised in integration with course ET6. Evaluation: Completed. Grade 4 does not add to the total number of courses.