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Educational and vocational guidance

Counselling and guidance activities form a continuum covering the entire period of upper secondary education. Students are entitled to attend the lessons given by the student counsellor and the counselling sessions by the group coordinators. The scheduled group counselling lessons are compulsory and they are seen as part of the educational and vocational guidance course. Counselling and guidance includes individual planning of one's studies, choosing the optional courses and the future career, issues related to a young person's growth and development, the matriculation exam and the AS/A level exams as well as social issues concerning studies.

The schedule for counselling and guidance lessons during the academic year is:

- 1st graders in the 1st and 4th periods

- 2nd graders in the 4th period

- 3rd graders in the 2nd period


OP1 Education, work and the future

The course is compulsory and it forms a continuum covering the three years of upper secondary studies; students are awarded a 'passed' grade, which is only documented in the upper secondary leaving certificate. The course focuses on: planning and guidance of one's studies, knowledge of occupations and working life, choosing one's career and further studies. The course also deals with issues related to self-knowledge and group work, as well as studies at the final stage of upper secondary school, e.g. the matriculation exam and the AS/A level exams. Pass/Fail evaluation.


SOP1 Tutor course
The course comprises tutor training and the activity as a tutor for new upper secondary students. In addition, students are expected to participate in the arrangements of some school events. Pass/Fail evaluation.

SOP2 Driving school
The school offers the opportunity to attend two driving school tuition periods during the school year. The driving school cooperating with us provides the tuition prescribed by law, including both theoretical studies and practical driving instruction. Passing the driving test is a prerequisite for a 'passed' grade. Students are entitled to accreditation of this course, irrespective of which driving school the course has been completed in. Pass/Fail evaluation.

LSOP5 Learning at work

The aim of learning at work is to offer students an opportunity to apply in practice what has been learnt theoretically; to increase students' knowledge about the job market and about the code of conduct at work. Learning at work lasts three days outside the school schedule. The period can be completed in a company or in a similar organisation. Part of the course can be completed by getting to know tertiary educational institutions of the field. Students find the work placement primarily by themselves. During the course students complete priorly given assignments, interview employees and write a report on the work practice. The course includes both contact learning and online studies. Grading: Completed.