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Thank you all of the teachers for making this school awesome place, and making learning fun! Tugce Dalkilic

Civics and Economics (YH)

Sequence of completion:

Order of the courses

Course YH1 is to be completed before any optional courses. Otherwise the courses can be taken in any order. All the social sciences courses are given in Finnish only.



YH1 Politics and society
The course familiarises students with political science and sociology. Students learn to analyse the structure of present-day Finnish society, to make international comparisons and to know the historical backgrounds. The course cannot be completed independently. Evaluated with a number grade.

YH2 Economics
Students get acquainted with the basics of the national economy, such as: factors related to production, monetary policy, public economy, fluctuations in national economic activities, economic growth, economic policy, international economy as well as developments of economics. Evaluated with a number grade.


YH3 Citizens and law
One of the objectives of the course is to help students to uphold their rights and to attend to simple legal transactions themselves. Students are familiarised with the Finnish law and legal system from the practical perspective of a young person. The completion of the course is essential for those taking the matriculation exam in civics. Evaluated with a number grade.

YH4 The European Union and Europeanness
Students examine how the European Union works and what an individual's role is in a Europe in the process of unification. Students are encouraged to take part in the ongoing discussion about the European Union. Evaluated with a number grade.


YH5 Revision Course

The course is aimed at those students who are writing their matriculation exam in social studies. Students rehearse their test writing skills by producing essays, completing source based tasks as well as writing mock exams. Graded as ”pass/fail”. A 4 will not count towards the 75 courses.

YH6 Society in the future

The aim of the courses is to help students to understand how unique and special the society and economics stream is. In addition to general upper secondary study guidance, students are encouraged to reflect upon their own studies, aims and values with regard to current topics in society. The course helps students to understand the field of political, economic and cultural activities where they are expected to take a greater role in the near future. At the same time students get to know different Finnish institutions, research centres and businesses. Students return a personal study plan where they add a time capsule to be opened in their final year at school. Two thirds of the course is completed during the first period and one third during the last school year. Grading: Completed.

YH7 Introduction to social sciences

The course familiarises students with the main elements of the social sciences and classical theories of society. Students learn to classify and use these theories independently as tools of their own reflection of society. The course deepens social and socio-philosophical thinking as well as the knowledge of course contents of Yh1 and Yh2. The textbook used is Sixten Korkman's Talous ja utopia.Grading: Completed. This course is aimed at society and economics programme students only.

YH8 Continuation course in social sciences

The course deepens the students' understanding of phenomena and structures in society. Science wise the focus is on sociological research. The aim is that after the course students are able to understand more clearly the tradition of social studies beginning in the 19th century as well as understand more in detail current interests of research. This is how, during the course, students gather knowledge and skills that help them to understand the current situation in the society as well as the phenomena and structures linked to it. Students have the possibility to choose texts they find interesting and useful regarding their further studies. Additionally, students will read at least one classic in sociology (e.g. Comte, Weber, Durkheim, Marx, Mead, Simmel, Foucault, Goffman) and one modern text (e.g. Diamond, Armstrong, Putnam, Pinker, Zimbardo).Numerical grading. Grade 4 does not add to the total number of courses.

YH10 Advanced course in law and jurisdiction

Students learn about applying jurisdiction in different fields of justice. The course consists of practical jurisdictional assignments and problem solving. Different fields of jurisdiction are explored together with law firms. Additionally students get to know the Finnish jurisdictional system and law in detail. The course deepens the contents of course YH4 and suits to those interested in studying law and working as a lawyer. Successful completion of the course requires students to complete Citizens' law course. Grading: Completed.

YH11 Globalisation and sustainable development

This course familiarises students with the thorough change in the world by looking at economical, political and cultural globalisation. In addition to that we approach various problems caused by globalisation from the aspect of sustainable development. The course highlights current phenomena and it is multidisciplinary. In addition to contents of social sciences the course deals with geographical topics in particular. Numerical grading. Grade 4 does not add to the total number of courses.

LYH12 Global economics and politics
The course deals with the operational environment of global economics and politics and familiarises students with the economic and political goals of those states that are economically and politically central. The course takes a look at geopolitical, strategic and economic arrangements and power relations of different continents. The themes are superpower politics (United States, China, Russia, India, Japan, EU), global economics, the meaning and functioning of alliances (among others NATO) as well as current phenomena in economics and politics (the Middle East, Ukraine, Greece) that affect global economics and politics.

Numerical grading. Grade 4 does not add to the total number of courses. This course is aimed at society and economics programme students only.


SYH1 Model United Nations
The students takings this course participate in an international conference simulating the activity of the United Nations, for example, the Hague International Model United Nations. Besides, they are involved in the arrangements of the MUN conference, which is organised for the ninth graders of Kulosaari Secondary School. Pass/Fail evaluation.