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Business studies (SBS)

The objective of business studies is to familiarise students with economic issues and the business sector. The courses comprise the basics of various themes in this sector. The courses are bilingual. By placing emphasis on the literature written in English, students can orientate towards the AS level exam in Business Studies. The Finnish course material consists of the literature due to be studied for the entrance exam to business colleges in the joint application system. Various guest speakers lecture on the courses, and courses also include study visits to different institutions or businesses. Students can complete the courses in the order they wish.

LSBS1 Marketing and product development
The course deals comprehensively with the importance of business marketing. Marketing is a lot more than just advertisements: the course includes market research and market planning. Students make a market plan for a partnership by applying marketing tools and models. The sister of marketing is product development. The course also deals with product development processes and the importance of innovations in business operations. Pass/Fail evaluation.

SBS2 Business finance and accounting
The course covers the basic areas of business finance and accounting: sources of finance, business accounts, financial and management accounting, and published accounts. The course will give students an understanding of key financial concepts, the financial operations of a business and basic skills in the methods involved. A student can also use this course to prepare for the Cambridge AS or A level Business Studies exam or the Finnish business schools' entrance exam in Finnish. Evaluated with a number grade. A 4 will not count towards the 75 courses. English book recommendations:

Peter Simpson, Business Studies AS and A level, 2004, Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0521003679

D R Myddleton, Accounting and Financial Decisions, 1991, Longman, ISBN 0582040914

SBS3 Project leadership

In this course we design and realise marketing related events and projects. The majority of work is done in teams. Additionally, there are contact hours with the teacher. The aim is to exercise project planning, organisation and management in practice. There is a procedure to apply for this course. Students who have completed the course get a certificate that can be used in their CV. When applying for this course it is considered to be an advantage if students have completed course Lsbs1 Marketing and product development. Grading: Completed.

SBS4 Kauppatieteen valmennuskurssi (in Finnish only)

Kurssi on Valmennuskeskus Oy:n järjestämä Ekonomi-kurssi ja koulun ulkopuolista toimintaa. Oppitunteja on n. 148. Kurssi toteutetaan koulun tiloissa huhtikuun alun ja kesäkuun alkupuolen välisenä aikana. Opiskelija saa normaalista kurssimaksusta n. 50 %:n alennuksen. Ekonomi on raudanluja peruskurssi, joka antaa valmiudet huippusuoritukseen pääsykokeessa. Ekonomi-kurssilla painopiste on pääsykoevaatimusten mukaisten tietojen ja taitojen omaksumisessa ja hallitsemisessa. Kurssi koostuu useammasta moduulista. Jokainen moduuli on tärkeä oppimisen väline kohti himoittua opiskelupaikkaa kauppakorkeakoulussa tai yliopiston kauppatieteellisessä tiedekunnassa. Pass/Fail evaluation.

LSBS5 Business economics
The business economics course is all about how businesses function. Themes include starting a business, various types of businesses, key figures in business (e.g. balance sheet, turnover, net profit, gearing, equity ratio, return on assets), financing, investments, legalities, corporate taxation and analysis of business environment. The aim is to learn to understand the operational logistics of businesses as well as the basics of various areas of business functions. The course deepens the contents of course Yh2 from the perspective of businesses.

Numerical grading. Grade 4 does not add to the total number of courses. This course is aimed at society and economics programme students only.

LSBS6 Social influence and leadership

The course focuses on societal influence from the aspect of companies, political parties, interest groups and non-governmental organisations. The second theme of the course is leadership. What are the skills and the methods needed to lead different kinds of organisations? The course deepens the themes of the course Yh1: How do goals turn into decisions in organisations, companies and in the entire society? Grading: Completed.