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B3 Russian (VEB3)

The syllabus of B3 language starts in upper secondary school. As a rule, courses are completed in the numerical order, because the next course is based on the vocabulary and structures studied in the previous course.


VEB31 Starting a new language
The course focuses on learning the alphabet and practising pronunciation and intonation. Students get familiar with Russian cultural habits. Greeting and saying good bye, presenting oneself and somebody else. Evaluated with a number grade.

VEB32 Discussion culture
Customs related to visiting and eating cultures. Days of the week and weekly plans. Evaluated with a number grade.

VEB33 Leisure and interests
Different games, music, travelling and means of transportation. Seasons, months and dates. Emphasis is placed on understanding speech as well as speaking and expressing one’s opinion. The command of basic structures is expanded. Evaluated with a number grade.

VEB34 Social life and everyday situations
Students get familiar with a holiday town south of St Petersburg. Weather. Finnish and Russian customs. Finding your way around in a city. Shopping. Evaluated with a number grade.

VEB35 Now and before
On this course we examine life now and before, from both the young person's and the society's perspective. We also examine finnish and russian everyday life and celebrations. On the grammar side we study the cases of plural nouns and the aspects of verbs. Evaluated with a number grade.

VEB36 Studying and plans for the future
The subjects for this course are education and work life and hopes and wishes for the future. The students practice oral and literal communications related to the course. Grammar-wise, the students practice eg. motion-related verbs. Evaluated with a number grade.

VEB37 Culture
The course's subjects include russian arts, literature, music, films and theater. All language skill aspects are practiced on the course. Evaluated with a number grade.

VEB38 Our Earth
The course's subjects include things related to Russian and Finnish societies and themes related to the Earth's current state. The course emphasizes understanding text. Evaluated with a number grade.

VEB312 Abicourse
The applied course aims to brush up the student's skills in Russian. The course is for those students who are taking part to the matriculation examination in Russian and thus it is required that all compulsory courses have been completed successfully. Evaluated with a number grade.