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B2 and B3 French (RAB2/RAB3)

The French studies started in lower secondary continue as B2 French. If you wish to reinforce your command of the language, you can start your studies on courses RAB31 or RAB32.

The studies according to RAB2 syllabus start on course RAB21, which is a joint course with RAB33. Students starting French in upper secondary (according to RAB3 syllabus) are to take the courses from RAB31 onwards.

As a rule, courses are completed in the numerical order, because each course is based on the vocabulary and structures handled in the previous course. Generally, independent course completion is not possible, because oral skills form one component of the course grade. Communicative skills are focussed on.


RAB31 How do you do, nice to meet you
On the first course you will arrive in Paris. You will get familiar with a French family, its life and the sights of Paris. You will learn how to greet people, how to ask for directions, how to do shopping and how to speak on the phone. You will go to the cinema and order a meal at a restaurant; you will also learn how to discuss films and film stars. Evaluated with a number grade.

RAB32/RAB20 This is how to get things done
You will attend a language course and meet young people from different countries. You will learn to talk about interests, work and leisure. You will do shopping and use transport and postal services. Evaluated with a number grade.

RAB33/RAB21 Leisure and interests
You will learn to tell about your interests, travels and excursions in the past tense and you will practise how to manage if you need to go to see a doctor, in case of an illness. Evaluated with a number grade.

RAB34/RAB22 At home and abroad
Your native country and your neighbourhood. Various areas or Finnish and French culture, such as geography, history and the present day, and trade and economy. Evaluated with a number grade.

RAB35/RAB23 Then and now
Students expected to reflect on big questions of life, from the perspectives of both individuals and society, covering topics such as work, leisure, age and health as well as travels and pets. Evaluated with a number grade.

RAB36/RAB24 Study and future plans
You will get familiarised with the French school system and learn to tell about Finnish school life and your own studies. You will also make plans for the future. Evaluated with a number grade.

RAB37/RAB25 Culture
Different areas of culture in the target countries. Options are, for example: literature, poetry, music, cinema, visual arts, fashion and media. A compulsory course focusing on literature for those planning to take the AS or A level exam. Evaluated with a number grade.

RAB38/RAB26 Our common world
The functioning of societies in Finland and in the target countries, the current state as well as future prospects of the world. Evaluated with a number grade.

RAB39/RAB27 Science and technology
Science, technology and economy in the target countries. The basic concepts of these topics. Evaluated with a number grade.

RAB310/RAB28 Nature and sustainable development
Nature, natural phenomena, natural sciences and sustainable development and conditions for survival on the globe. International organisations. Evaluated with a number grade.

RAB311/RAB29 Oral course
On this course we use diverse work methods, with which the students' linguistic competence is trained. The student is guided to pay attention to the differences between their first language and the language they are studying. Studying is done primarily in pairs and in small groups. Fluency and communication methods are trained with discussion and small oral presentations. About 2/3 of the course consists of oral exercises and about 1/3 about the oral course exam.

The course is obligatory for those seeking to take the A-level and AS-level exams. Evaluated with a number grade.


B312/RAB210 Abi-course
The applied course aims to brush up the student's skills in French. The course is for those students who are taking part to the matriculation examination in French and thus it is required that all compulsory courses have been completed successfully. Evaluated with a number grade. A 4 will not count towards the 75 courses.