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A-Spanish (EAA)

Sequence of completion:
Courses are completed in the numerical order. Any deviation to this, independent course completion and possible accreditation of courses must be discussed with the teacher before the beginning of the course.


EAA1 Young people and their world
The content of the lower secondary syllabus is revised and consolidated. Evaluated with a number grade.

EAA 2 Communication and leisure
Communicative skills are practiced and the command of structures is reinforced; for example, pronouns and tenses expressing the past. Evaluated with a number grade.

EAA 3 Study and work
Focus is paid on the difference between formal and informal language. The command of the subjunctive is reinforced and students are familiarised with conditional sentences. Evaluated with a number grade.

EAA 4 Society and the surrounding world
The course places emphasis on speaking and reading comprehension at a relatively demanding level. It is based on texts related to the society of the target country and, if relevant, also Finnish society as comparison. As far as possible, also current social, geographical and/or ecological topics are discussed, for example, by analyzing news broadcasts or authentic texts. Evaluated with a number grade.

EAA 5 Culture
Students are familiarised with literature and cinema, and reviewing these forms of art is practiced, both orally and in writing. Evaluated with a number grade.

EAA 6 Science, economy and technology
The course places emphasis on understanding demanding language material. Themes are: various fields of science, technical achievements, different forms of communication and economy. Evaluated with a number grade.

EAA7 Nature and sustainable development
Students are familiarised with nature, natural phenomena, natural sciences and sustainable development. Evaluated with a number grade.

EAA8 Oral course
On this course we use diverse work methods, with which the students' linguistic competence is trained. The student is guided to pay attention to the differences between their first language and the language they are studying. Studying is done primarily in pairs and in small groups. Fluency and communication methods are trained with discussion and small oral presentations. Evaluated with a number grade.


EAA9 Abicourse
The applied course aims to brush up the student's skills in Spanish. The course is for those students who are taking part to the matriculation examination in Spanish and thus it is required that all compulsory courses have been completed successfully. Evaluated with a number grade. A 4 will not count towards the 75 courses.