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A-German (SAA)

As a rule, courses are completed in the numerical order. Generally, independent course completion is not possible.


SAA1 Young people and their world
The vocabulary and grammar studied in basic education is revised; emphasis is placed on oral expression. Students learn to discuss their future plans and different world views, human diversity and issues relevant to different generations. Evaluated with a number grade.

SAA2 Communication and leisure
Oral expression is reinforced and the command of structures is consolidated. Themes include today's youth culture, the role of music in young people's lives, finding one's identity, ideals, multiculturalism and different values of life. Students also learn to tell about their own neighbourhood, country and culture. Evaluated with a number grade.

SAA 3 Study and work
The course aims at increasing students' knowledge of the school system of the target countries; students also learn to tell about Finnish schools. Both oral and written communicative skills are reinforced; more formal communicative situations are also included. The role of school, study, work and society is the central topic. Evaluated with a number grade.

SAA 4 Society and the surrounding world
Students practice various strategies for reading comprehension and reinforce their own written expression by writing texts suitable for different purposes. Evaluated with a number grade.

SAA 5 Culture
The course aims at making students capable of seeing and appreciating differences in communication cultures and at giving them tools for telling about their own holiday plans and leisure. Students prepare a relatively extensive project on their chosen topic and make a presentation about it. Students acquire more knowledge of the important cultural figures in Germany and German history. Evaluated with a number grade.

SAA 6 Science, economy and technology
The aim is that students understand texts about economy and different fields of science, and learn to discuss the significance of inventions to society as well as consumers' rights and duties. The course also makes students familiar with the German press and presents vocabulary related to the environment and taking care of it. Evaluated with a number grade.


SAA8 Oral course
On this course we use diverse work methods, with which the students' linguistic competence is trained. The student is guided to pay attention to the differences between their first language and the language they are studying. Studying is done primarily in pairs and in small groups. Fluency andcommunication methods are trained with discussion and small oral presentations. About 2/3 of the course consists of oral exercises and about 1/3 about the oral course exam. Evaluated with a number grade.


SAA9 Abi-course
The applied course aims to brush up the student's skills in French. The course is for those students who are taking part to the matriculation examination in French and thus it is required that all compulsory courses have been completed successfully. Evaluated with a number grade. A 4 will not count towards the 75 courses.