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A-French (RAA)

Sequence of completion:

Courses are completed in the numerical order. Any deviation to this, independent course completion and possible accreditation of courses must be discussed with the teacher before the beginning of the course.

A-French courses prepare students as well for the Finnish Matriculation Examination in French language as well as for the Cambridge University AS- and A-level examinations and the DELF examination recognized by the French Ministry of Education (2 levels; level B1-2; http://www.ciep.fr/en/delfdalf/index.php).


RAA1 Young people and their world
The vocabulary and grammar studied in basic education is revised. Themes include: getting to know each other, everyday life and situations related to it. Specific features of different geographical regions in France, tourism and spending holidays. Evaluated with a number grade.

RAA 2 Communication and leisure
Themes are related to leisure time, e.g. eating, work, health and consumption as well as interests. Memories connected to childhood, family and school, holiday and traveling experiences. Evaluated with a number grade.

RAA 3 Study and work
Studies, youth culture, leisure, working and business life. CV and job interview. Evaluated with a number grade.

RAA 4 Society and the surrounding world
Familiarising with societies of the target countries, frankophonia and frankophilia; Finnish society and lifestyle in French. Current social issues. Evaluated with a number grade.

RAA 5 Culture
Culture and cultural life of the target countries. Current issues of the French-speaking world, for example, through newspaper articles. A compulsory course focusing on literature for those planning to take the AS or A level exam. Evaluated with a number grade.

RAA 6 Science, economy and technology
Science, economy, technology and different forms of communication in France and other French-speaking countries. Evaluated with a number grade.


RAA7 Nature and sustainable development
Nature, natural phenomena, natural sciences and sustainable development. French is used on the course as much as possible, but Finnish and English are used as well, when needed. Evaluated with a number grade.

RAA8 /RAB29 / RAB311 Oral course
On this course we use diverse work methods, with which the students' linguistic competence is trained. The student is guided to pay attention to the differences between their first language and the language they are studying. Studying is done primarily in pairs and in small groups. Fluency and communication methods are trained with discussion and small oral presentations. About 2/3 of the course consists of oral exercises and about 1/3 about the oral course exam. The course is obligatory for those seeking to take the A-level and AS-level exams. Evaluated with a number grade.


RAA9 Abi-course
The applied course aims to brush up the student's skills in French. The course is for those students who are taking part to the matriculation examination in French and thus it is required that all compulsory courses have been completed successfully. Evaluated with a number grade. A 4 will not count towards the 75 courses.