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Visual arts (KU)

Students must complete a total of three compulsory courses in music and visual arts during their upper secondary studies. xLmu1 and xLku1 are compulsory for all students, but students can opt for either xLmu2 or xLku2 to be the third compulsory course.


xlku1 Images and cultures

During the course students examine visual arts and other forms of visual culture including social media and different current phenomena and different processes and practices of visual culture. The aim of the course is for students to use various methods of visual arts and forms of culture, media, images and other platforms as well as current events in creating, interpreting and analysing visual arts and visual culture and what an effect these have on students’ own life as well as on society and global context in general. Numerical grading.

xlku2 Muotoillut ja rakennetut ympäristöt - Formed and built environments?

The course concentrates on understanding the social aspect of art history and the importance of art in different environments and art development in a global, cultural, international and social framework. During the course students create a sculptural interpretation of their chosen theme f.ex. theatre, cultural icons, historical figures, politics, youth culture,  fictional literature, current events or environmental issues. Numerical grading.



xlku03 Partaking in the media

Students learn to analyse and interpret the different roles of modern media culture in its social context. Students also learn to deepen their information technology skills in using and creating various images and techniques as devices of their own expression and this way influencing and playing a role in the media themselves. Numerical grading.

xlku04 Many worlds of art

Students learn to examine various aspects of imagery, symbolism and society through various historical eras. Students create their own images and artworks with an emphasis on the visual continuity from historical artistic heritage to modern society and its cultural diversity. Numerical grading.

School-based specialication course

xLku5 Contemporary art workshop
The course aims at familiarising the students with experimental ways of creating art. Students create their own work of modern art, either alone or in groups. In addition, the course aims at deepening the students'understanding of modern art. Evaluated with a number grade.


xLsku1 Photography
Students learn the basics of photography and are familiarised with different photographing techniques. The course work is documented in a portfolio. Pass/Fail evaluation.

xLsku2 Video
Students work in groups to produce a dramaticed documentary on a chosen theme. Pass/Fail evaluation.