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Spanish A (EAA)

Sequence of completion

It is recommended that the courses are completed in numerical order. Nationwide and school-based specialisation courses are completed after the compulsory courses.

xLeaa1 The Spanish language and my world

The course links lower and upper secondary language acquisition and covers  young people’s everyday life topics and studies. Numerical grading.

xLeaa2 Good life

In this  course students go through a variety of communication situations and broaden their knowledge of structures. The course deals with the topics of well-being and relationships. Numerical grading.

xLeaa3 Cultural phenomena

The course deals broadly with Spanish speaking cultures. Students prepare a presentation. Numerical grading.

xLeaa4 Society and the surrounding world

The course focuses on different societal phenomena and how members of societies act individually and collectively.  Learning methods include analysing news broadcasts and authentic articles. Numerical grading.

xLeaa5 Nature, science and future

The topics include visions of the future, technology, sustainable lifestyles and innovations. Numerical grading.

xLeaa6 Studies and working life

The course deepens the concept of language skills as a work life skill and as social capital. The topics cover students’ plans regarding studies and careers as well as everyday life after secondary school. Students write a CV and practice job interviews. Numerical grading.


Nationwide specialisation courses


xLeaa7 Sustainable lifestyles

The course focuses on text production and interpretation skills in a variety of communication situations, addressing different audiences. The course deepens the topics of the compulsory courses from the point of view of an ecologically, economically, socially and culturally sustainable lifestyle. Numerical grading.

xLeaa8 Oral communication

The course deepens students’ skills in producing speech and understanding spoken language. At the end of the course students participate in the oral language skills exam by the National Board of Education that defines the course grade together with their performance in the course. Students receive a separate certificate when receiving the final school leaving certificate. Numerical grading.

School-based specialisation course

xLeaa9 (together with B2ea10/B3ea12) Senior year Spanish prep course

The course prepares students for the matriculation examination as students get to practise different exercise types and answering techniques. Vocabulary and grammar revised as needed. In order to participate, students must first pass all compulsory courses. Grading: Completed.