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Russian B3 (VEB3)

Sequence of completion

It is recommended that the courses are completed in numerical order. Nationwide and school-based specialisation courses are completed after the compulsory courses.


xLveb31 Getting to know each other and a new language

In this course students learn about the role of the Russian language in the world and get a broad idea of its significance. Communication situations include greetings, introducing oneself and talking about one's family. Numerical grading.

xLveb32 Globetrotting

Students learn how to manage in various situations faced when interacting and taking care of basic situations as a customer. Numerical grading.

xLveb33 Important things in life

A variety of communication situations dealing with the topics of free time and hobbies. Numerical grading.

xLveb34 Aspects of life

The course places focus on Russian and Finnish cultural differences in communication. Numerical grading.

xLveb35 Well-being and looking after one another

In this course students learn how to formulate opinions and discuss in different situations. The topics include well-being, relationships and different phases of life. Numerical grading.

xLveb36 Culture and media

The course deals with the cultures and the cultural phenomena of Russian speaking countries in the media. Numerical grading.