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Psychology (PS)

Psychology (PS)

xLps1 Psychological functions and learning

The compulsory course in psychology aims to offer points of view to humans’ psychological functions. The aim is to broaden students’ basic knowledge of different aspects of psychology, help them to understand special features in psychological research and to apply psychology in their own lives. The special focus of the course is the psychology of learning. Numerical grading.

Nationwide specialisation courses

xLps 2 A developing human being

The course helps students understand psychological, biological and social features and their interdependence constructing the basis of psychological development of an individual. The aim is to learn to apply the knowledge in students’ own lives. Students also get information about possible problems regarding development as well as about research methods in studying development. Numerical grading.

xLps3 A human being dealing with information

The course deals with the basic processes of cognitive psychology: how do people gather, process and store knowledge. The topics are among others the biological basis for processing information, different brain functions, perception, memory, intelligence and skillful thinking. Students practice planning and executing experimental research. Numerical grading.

xLps4 Emotions, psychological well-being and mental health

Students familiarise themselves with research and theory formation relevant to psychological well-being and emotional balance. The topics include managing the level of alertness, mental health, stress, therapy and self knowledge. The course offers students the opportunity to develop their skills in coping and understanding themselves in addition to substantial psychological knowledge. Numerical grading. 

xLps5 An individual and communal human being

People have their personal inner worlds yet at the same time they are in constant interaction with their social environment. The dynamic between an individual and a community is linked to all psychological functions. The course familiarises students with theories and research in personality psychology as well as in approaches in social psychology. Numerical grading. 


School-based specialisation courses

xLps6 Social psychology

The course deepens students’ skills in social psychology. In particular, we study essential experimental research in social psychology and focus on special themes such as relationships between groups, organisational psychology, leadership, interaction and communication. Evaluated with a number grade. A 4 will not count towards the 75 courses.

xLps7 Senior year course in psychology

The course prepares students for the matriculation examination in psychology. The aim is to revise, based on students’ needs and wishes,  the essential contents of the previous courses and deepen the understanding of psychological knowledge. Students write mock essays, learn to analyse data and polish their answering techniques. Evaluated with a number grade. A 4 will not count towards the 75 courses.

xLps8 Classics in psychology

Freud, Bandura, Seligman, Loftus… Psychology is based on scientific research. There is rarely time to stop and observe details of important research. In this course you get to focus on research of your own interest more deeply. The course starts students on the path to mastering methods and practices in research in behavioural sciences as well as facilitates analysing challenging scientific texts. Evaluated with a number grade. A 4 will not count towards the 75 courses.

xLps9 Applied psychology

Learning by doing! In this course students design and implement their own psychological research with teacher guidance. Evaluated with a number grade. A 4 will not count towards the 75 courses.