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Physics (FY)



xLfy01 Physics as a Natural Science

The aim is to awaken and deepen interest in physics. The course explores the basic concepts of matter and the universe so that the students learn to structure their understanding of basic natural structure and phenomena through the concepts and principles of physics. The aim is to understand how scientific knowledge is based on experimental activity and related modelling. The student designs and performs simple scientific experiments, and can interpret and evaluate experimentally obtained information and present it to others. Graded assessment.

National Advanced Courses

xLfy02 Heat

The student will become familiar with the phenomena related to heat, studies phenomena related to the thermodynamic states or thermodynamic principles of a substance, and can participate in critical discussions and decision-making about the environment and technology. Graded assessment.

xLfy03 Electricity

The aim of the course is to understand the basic concepts of electricity in everyday life, the environment, society and technology and to practice the use it with mathematical modelling and equations. In addition, the student becomes acquainted with measurement techniques and can perform basic measurements of electrical engineering. Graded assessment.

xLfy04 Force and Motion

Students can use and apply the concepts of force and movement and experimentally explore the phenomena associated with them. The student learns to understand the significance of conservation laws in physics. Graded assessment.

xLfy05 Periodic Motion and Waves

The student gets an overview of natural periodic movement and the concept of waves and learns about the key principles that explain them. During the course, the student will learn the basics of vibration and wave motion by examining mechanical vibrations and sound. Graded assessment.

xLfy06 Electromagnetism

The aim of the course is to enable students to use and apply concepts related to electromagnetism and light. In study of the phenomenon, the student will become familiar with electrical safety and deepen their understanding of the importance of electromagnetic phenomena in society. Graded assessment.

xLfy07 Matter and Radiation

The aim of the course is to familiarize students with quantization, dualism, matter and energy equivalence as the guiding principles of the structure of matter and structural dynamics of the components, as well as deepen the overall picture of physics development and its competence as an interpreter of natural phenomena. Graded assessment.

School Based Advanced Degree Courses

xLfy08 Astrophysics

Astrophysics is a young growing science. It requires broad understanding of the phenomenon. During the course, students will have the opportunity to apply previously learned material regarding gravitation, heat, light, motion and nuclear interactions. Graded assessment. A grade of 4 does not affect the overall assessment.

xLfy09 Laboratory Course

During the course, the students will explore physics’ phenomena in more depth. The aim is to improve the capacity for laboratory work. Graded assessment. A grade of 4 does not affect the overall assessment.

xLfy10 Review Course

The review course prepares the physics student for the matriculation exam by improving calculation skills, paying attention to the way the answers are presented, the modelling processes, the competence of the models and the conclusions drawn. Graded assessment. A grade of 4 does not affect the overall assessment.