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Physical education (LI)

Physical Education (LI)

Order of completion:

The compulsory courses must be divided so that they are completed in two years. Students may ask Physical Education to be graded as “completed” instead of receiving a numerical grade in their upper secondary leaving certificate.

Compulsory courses

xLli1 Energy from exercise

The course covers a variety of sports and forms of exercise taking into account the seasonal possibilities. The core contents are applying basic skills and physical abilities in different types of tasks, forms and types of sports and exercise. Numerical grading.

xLi2 Active lifestyle

The second compulsory course focuses on reinforcing the physical exercise of students' personal choice. Students receive guidance in diverse forms of exercise, taking the season into account. Students get a chance to participate in the planning of the course. They also acquire knowledge of and learn skills in measuring their own physical condition. Numerical grading.

Nationwide specialisation courses

xLi3 Health through exercise

The aim of the course is to promote regular exercise and develop one's physical abilities. The course focuses on physical activities that include gym workouts and other forms of exercise.  The teacher guides the planning and execution of an exercise programme. During the course students create a personal exercise plan which fulfil their goals under the guidance of the teacher. Numerical grading.

xLi5 Well-being through exercise

The aim of the course is to energise students through great exercise experiences. The course is not booked in the timetables, it is organised throughout the school year and the meetings will be agreed upon and held after school days. The contents vary, there can be canoeing, camping, climbing, sup boarding, ice swimming, yoga and golf. The teachers and the students plan the contents together and there are some fees. Grading: Completed.


School-based specialisation courses

xLi6 Ball games

Students play indoor and outdoor ball games, according to the wishes of the group. The main focus is on deepening students' knowledge of and their skills in certain ball games and developing their social skills. Grading: Completed.

xLi7 Wilderness, camping and free-time

The aim of the course is to energise students through great exercise experiences. The course is organised as an overnight camping course during one weekend in one of the national parks in Southern Finland. The date of the course is to be agreed on later and here are some fees. Grading: Completed.

xLi8 Ballroom dancing

Students practise traditional ballroom dances for Elders' Day and are familiarised with relevant traditions and etiquette. The dances are performed in the school for both students and parents. The grand final of the course is when students participate in the the metropolitan Helsinki schools big dance performance in the arena Helsingin Jäähalli. The course also aims to strengthen students’ social bonding. By planning their own choreography, students demonstrate active participation and teamwork. Evaluation: Completed.


School-based applied courses

xLsli1 Downhill skiing course

The downhill skiing course is completed as a one weekend intensive course at a skiing resort in Middle Finland, including among other things skiing and snowboarding. There is a course fee (about 150 euro). The fee includes bus rides, accommodation, lift tickets and possible equipment rental. Grading: Completed.

xLsli2 Hobby course

The course is based on a student's active and goal orientated self guided or coach based training. The hobby must be guided and/or supervised; if asked, the student writes a plan explaining the training and the goals and attaches a certificate to prove the nature of training (e.g. Old dances II, a sport on a national level). Grading: Completed.

xLsli3 Dance

Hip hop, breakdance or Street Jazz. Danceteam offers a possibility to practise street dance with like-minded people. In order to pass the course, students participate regularly and actively throughout the school year and also participate in a performance. The course is organised in the afternoon after school. Grading: Completed.


Nationwide applied course 

xLild4  Upper secondary PE diploma

Student gives a demonstration of their skills and active participation in a sport. The PE diploma includes, in addition to actual exercises, a paper and a portfolio. The upper secondary exercise diploma includes a combination of mobility, knowledge, special skills, frequent activities and co-operation skills and a self evaluation conducted in the form of a portfolio. Grading: Completed.