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Philosophy (FI)

Philosophy (FI)


It is recommended that the xLfi1 course is taken first but after that the sequence of course completion is free. 


National compulsory courses


xLfi1 Introduction to philosophical thinking

Did you know you are a philosopher? After taking this course you do - or at least start doubting that you are. During this course students reflect upon  the nature of philosophy and its significance. The aim is to increase students’ knowledge of different categories, application and some special questions of philosophy. The emphasis is on increasing students’ philosophical skills (among other things argumentation and deduction skills). Numerical grading.

xLfi2 Ethics

The course focuses on the most crucial questions, concepts and theories of philosophical ethics. In addition to moral philosophy, the course covers current ethical questions, without forgetting practical exercises, applied questions and further development of students’ own skills of ethical thinking and argumentation. Numerical grading.


Nationwide specialisation courses


xLfi3 Social philosophy

The course familiarises students with the central concepts and orientations of social philosophy. We study the nature of society, the function of institutions and the relationship between an individual and a society in a philosophical way. The key contents among others are social justice, justification of power and ownership, theories of social contracts, anarchism, utopias, philosophical justifications of political actions, conservatism, liberalism and socialism. Numerical grading.

xLfi4 Knowledge, science and reality

All our knowledge and understanding of reality is based eventually on the theory of knowledge and metaphysical assumptions. What is being? Where has everything come from? Why do things exist to begin with? What is the difference between knowledge and opinion? What is true? This course familiarises students with reality, knowledge and science. No matter what field of science you are interested in, after this course you can justify your ideas and reflect your assumptions more skillfully. Numerical grading.


School-based specialisation course

xLfi5 The history of philosophy

The course clarifies the broader picture of the history of philosophy from Thales to Žižek. The focus of the course is on western thinking without forgetting philosophies of other cultural circles. The course helps students to understand the impact of philosophy on the development of humanity and thus the deepest core of our civilisation. It is strongly recommended as a compliment to history studies and as as revision course for students preparing for the matriculation examination in humanities.


The topic of the course meetings changes weekly and is mostly based on students’ own interests. The course functions based on shared teacherhood: students practise introducing, leading and evaluating conversations. Grading: Completed. No numerical grading.