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Music (MU)

Music (MU)

Students must complete a total of three compulsory courses in music and visual arts during their upper secondary studies. XLmu1 and xLku1 are compulsory for all students, but students can opt for either xLmu2 or xLku2 to be the third compulsory course.


xLmu1 Music and me
Students explore their own musicality and the basics of music through singing, playing and listening. The course emphasizes practical skills through playing and singing together in a group. The main instrument of the course is guitar. In addition, students learn basics skills in singing and other instruments appropriate to their own level. The course ends with an informal playing test on guitar, drums and bass based on what was done in the course. Evaluated with a number grade.

xLmu2 A polyphonic Finland (alternative with course xLku2)
Students learn about Finnish music and investigate their own relationship to Finnish music. Students will explore various aspects of Finnish music and learn to understand their development and essential characteristics. Students build on previous skills and continue to work on singing and playing together in a group. The material covered represents different genres: popular, art and folk music. Evaluated with a number grade.


School-based specialisation courses

xlmu03 Open Up To Music

This world music course will expand students’ knowledge of music around the world. Students will experience new cultures and re-evaluate their own relationship with music as they become familiar with some of the best music they’ve never heard. The course focuses on Africa and India, in addition to students’ own areas of interest. Students have the opportunity to learn to play exotic instruments and sing in other languages. When possible, the course includes a concert visit or guest workshop. Numerical grading.

xlmu04 Music and the Media

In this course students investigate the role of music in media through video projects mixing and matching audio and video, as well as playing and singing together in class. Songs played in class include a broad selection of both easier and more advanced classics from Disney, film, musicals and TV themes, in addition to students’ own requests. Students also create sound installation projects to be played in the school hallway. Numerical grading.

xlmu5 Performance

The aim of the course is to encourage students to actively participate in our school’s music performances and events. In order to pass the course students practise and perform in at least three musical performances organised by the school. Grading: Completed.

Nationwide applied course

xLmuld6 Upper secondary Music diploma

The music diploma is based on the aims and contents of upper secondary music courses that students have completed during their time in upper secondary. In order to complete the diploma, students must complete at least four upper secondary music courses. There are two ways to complete the diploma: either a music project or a portfolio of work completed during upper secondary. Numerical grading.