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History (HI)


Compulsory courses


xLhi1 People in the changing environment and societies

The course studies interaction between people, society and nature in the European and global cultural context. The point of view in instruction is explaining the present and observing long term historical phenomena, such as change in population. Numerical grading.


xLhi2 International relationships

The course focuses on international relationships from the 20th century until today. International politics is analysed from different perspectives, such as economy and ideology. Numerical grading.


xLhi3 The history of independent Finland 

The aim of the course is to analyse the turning points in Finland's history and the different changes that took place from the era of autonomy until modern times. Questions concerning the development of Finland's international position ja the crises connected with different changes are among issues to be discussed. Numerical grading. 


Nationwide specialisation courses


xLhi4 The history of the European worldviews

The course focuses on the development of societal thinking, ideologies and human rights as well as mythical, religious and scientific legends and descriptions of the world from the Antiquity until today. The course familiarises students with cultural heritage, art and science as embodiments of their own time in Europe. Numerical grading.

xLhi5 From eastern Sweden to Finland

Students learn to understand the essentials of Finnish history before 1809 as well as Finnish cultural heritage. The course is taught in Finnish. Numerical grading.


School-based specialisation courses

xLhi7 Archaeology

During the archaeology course students learn about the methods used by archaeologists and get to have an understanding of how e.g. prehistory, life at Hadrian’s Wall or architecture and technology in early industrial towns can be studied with the help of archeological evidence. The course and course materials are in English. Numerical grading. Grade 4 does not add to the total number of courses.

xLhi8 Era of revolutions

This course deals with two revolutions that have a specifically great importance in European history: The French Revolution and the Russian Revolution. Additionally, the course focuses on the industrial revolution and its impacts on England, France and Germany. The course prepares students for the Cambridge AS/A level exams and students need to be prepared to complete all the given assignments and actively participate in discussions and group assignments. The course is taught in English. Numerical grading. Grade 4 does not add to the total number of courses.

xLhi10 Speeches that changed the world

Students learn the importance of speeches such as the famous ‘I have a dream’ by Martin Luther King or the meaning of ‘Sorry’ expressed by Kevin Rudd and how speeches reflect the social, economic and political environment of the country and the era in question. The focus of the course is mostly on the 19th and 20th centuries. The course and course materials are in English. Numerical grading. Grade 4 does not add to the total number of courses.

xLhi11 United Nations

The students examine the history, institutions, policies and the role of the United Nations during the 20th and 21st centuries. Emphasis is put on the understanding of the roles of the different institutions (Security Council, General Assembly and ECOSOC) and the influence of the UN in the following fields: peace and security, human rights and sustainable development. Heavy emphasis is placed on the UN peace keeping process.  In the end of the course students participate in Helsinki International Model United Nations (HELIMUN). The course is an online course in English. Grading: Completed.

xLhi12 Senior year course in history

The course prepares students for the matriculation examination in history. The aim is to revise the essential contents of the national courses. The students also take preliminary exams. Grading : Completed.