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French B2 (RAB2)

French B2 (rab2) and French B3 (rab3)


Sequence of completion

It is recommended that the courses are completed in numerical order. Nationwide and school-based specialisation courses are completed after the compulsory courses.


xLrab20 French revision course

An excellent way to brush up essential vocabulary andstructures taught in lower secondary school.

xLrab31 Getting to know each other and a new language
In the first course you learn how to greet, find your way, do shopping and have simple
conversations on the phone as well as order in a restaurant. Numerical grading.

xLrab32 Globetrotting
You will learn to talk about hobbies, work and free time. You will learn to shop among other
customer service situations. Numerical grading.

xLrab33/xLrab21 Important things in life
You will learn to talk about hobbies, trips and travels using the past tense. You will also learn
how to manage a visit to the doctor’s in case of an illness. Numerical grading.

xLrab32/xLrab22 Aspects of life
Various aspects of Finnish and French culture, geography, history as well as events of the
present day, economic life. Numerical grading.

xLrab35/XLrab23 Well­being and looking after one another
Big questions in life considered from the point of view of society and the individual. Students
discuss topics such as work and free time, age and health, travelling and pets. Numerical

xLrab36/xLrab24 Culture and media
Various aspects of culture and media in France and in other French speaking countries:
literature, poetry, music, movies, art, fashion. Numerical grading.

xLrab37/xLrab25 Studies, work and the future
The course familiarises students with the French education system. Students learn to talk
about Finnish school life and their own studies. Students also make plans for their future.
Numerical grading.

xLrab38/xLrab26 Our globe
This course deals with how Finnish and French speaking societies work, what the current
situation of the planet is and what it will be in the future. Numerical grading.

xLrab39/xLrab27 Internationalism
The role of France and other French speaking countries in international institutions.
Organisations, science, technology and economy: students learn basic terms of science,
economy and technology. Numerical grading.

xLrab310/xLrab28 Communication in writing
Nature, natural phenomena, natural sciences and sustainable development. International
organisations. Numerical grading.

School­based specialisation courses

xLrab311/xLrab29 Senior year French prep course
The course prepares students for participation in the French matriculation examination. In
order to participate, students must first pass all compulsory courses. There is a variety of
methods used in this course and students get to practice different parts of the matriculation
examination: listening comprehension, short communicative written assignments, reading
comprehension, answering techniques. Grading: Completed.

xlrab312/xlrab211 Culture course

During the course the students learn about the media and various aspects of culture in France and in other French speaking countries. These cultural aspects include for example literature, poetry, music, film, art and fashion. A trip to a French speaking country might be included in the course. Grading: Completed.