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Evangelical-Lutheran religion (UE)

Evangelical-Lutheran religion (UE)


xLue1 Religion as a phenomenon - tracking Christianity, Judaism and Islam

This is an introductory course to religion as a phenomenon as well as a subject. The course familiarises students with religious phenomena in general and in particular in religions of the Middle East. The aim of the course is to develop students’ abilities to function in multireligious and multicultural environments. Numerical grading.

xLue2 Worldwide Christianity

The course focuses on the development of Christianity and its current status as a worldwide religion, exploring historical lines of development as well as familiarising students with current topics and their background. The aim of the course is to help students understand the meaning of christianity and its manifestations. Numerical grading.

Nationwide specialisation course

xLue3 World religions and religious movements

The course focuses on eastern religions, in particular buddhism, hinduism and Chinese religions. The course also familiarises students with nature religions and new religious movements as well as their influence in western countries. The aim of the course is to develop students' cross-cultural communication skills and ability to thrive in international environments. Numerical grading.

xLue4 Religion in Finnish society

The course focuses on the role of religion in Finnish society, especially the dialogue between culture and religion. The course can be carried out partly as a volunteer project or a case study focusing on a particular religious community and its role in society. If possible, the course is carried out together with an ethics course. Numerical grading. 

xLue5 Religion in science, art and popular culture

Main themes of this course are scientific studies within the field of religion and the effects of religion on art and popular culture. Numerical grading. 

xLue6 Religion and media