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I'm glad to be one of those who got in to KSYK, it was the best thing in my life. Alli

Ethics (ET)

Compulsory courses


xLet1 World view and critical thinking

Students familiarise themselves with essential concepts in ethics, such as ideology and worldview. We focus on individuals' relationship with their own views and different elements that affect worldviews, such as culture, society, science, art and media. We practise analytical, critical and interdisciplinary observation of different phenomena and learn to understand different ways of thinking. The course offers tools to observe and understand one's own as well as other people's worldview. Numerical grading.

xLet 2 People, identity and good life

The course focuses on what good life is like as well as on what kinds of choices and basic existential questions there are. In support of these reflections we use knowledge about the concept of humankind, human rights related aspects and also students' own experiences. During the course students develop their skills in specifying, evaluating and arguing their own and other people's views as well as their skills in expressing their own identity and worldview. Numerical grading.