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Educational and vocational guidance (OP)


Educational and vocational guidance (OP)

Student guidance includes two compulsory courses divided throughout upper secondary studies. Students must attend both student guidance lessons given by the student guidance counsellor and the weekly group coordination lessons. Group coordination lessons are compulsory and they count towards course op1.

Study guidance covers learning to learn, planning upper secondary studies, subject choices, matriculation examination, career and further study options, societal aspects of studies and students’ self-knowledge.

The lessons are held the following way:

1st year students in periods 1 and 4, course op1

2nd year students in period 3 or 4, course op2

3rd year students in period 2, course op1


National compulsory courses

xLop1  Me as a student

The aim of the course is to familiarise students with upper secondary practices, structures of the studies and the matriculation examination. During the course students improve their learning skills and map their own strengths and interests. The course includes contact hours and active participation in weekly group coordinator meetings. The course is compulsory and it is completed during the 1st and the 3rd year. Grading: Completed.

xLop2 Further studies and working life

The aim of the course is to deepen students’ self-knowledge and their awareness of working life as well as to clarify students’ further study and career plans. During the course students learn more about further study options in Finland and abroad. Students also find out more about entrepreneurship, voluntary work, working life and processes of applying for jobs. The course is held in the form of contact hours or as a combination of contact hours and online lessons. Grading: Completed.


School-based courses

xLsop1 Tutor course

The aim of the course is to prepare students to lead teams and to act as tutors for the new upper secondary students. The course includes both tutor training and the actual tutoring. Additionally, students participate in new upper secondary students’ team building as well as marketing the school. Grading: Completed.

xLsop2 Driving licence course

The aim of the course is to organise traffic education for upper secondary students. The course is held in cooperation with a partner that organises the statutory teaching twice a year, including theory lessons and practical driving lessons. In order to pass the course students must pass the driving test. Alternatively, a driving licence acquired elsewhere is also accredited as part of students’ studies. Grading: Completed.

xLsop3 Group leader course

The aim of the course is to develop students’ group leadership skills and provide them with abilities to lead groups. The course is completed outside school in the form of different types of camp and club leader training. Training that is completed during upper secondary studies, such as parish group leading and prometheus camp leading courses, is accredited. Students must provide the student guidance counsellor with a certificate. Grading: Completed.

xLsop4 Upper secondary safety course

The aim is to get to know how different officials work and the exercise skills needed in moments of crisis as well as when camping overnight. The course includes evening lectures and a weekend at an army facility. During the weekend students camp and stay at the army barracks and get to know how the Finnish Defence Forces and the Finnish Border Guard work. Students must provide the student guidance counsellor with a course certificate. Grading: Completed.

xLsop5 Voluntary work

The course may consist entirely of voluntary work or a training period given by an organisation combined with voluntary work. Voluntary work can be helping somebody with everyday life tasks, taking care of errands, spending time with somebody, it can also be artistic, sporting, recreational or musical activities in an association or an organisation. The course is organised after school hours during upper secondary studies. Grading: Completed.

xLsop6 Study skills

The aim of the course is to develop students' studying and information seeking skills. The main themes are different skills related to studying and how to search, use and edit information. Typing skills will also be practised. The contents can vary to some extent yearly. Grading: Completed. 

xLsop7 Digitutor course