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Civics and economics (YH)

Civics and economics (YH)


All the courses are taught in Finnish. 


xLyh6 Society in the future

The aim of the course is to help students to understand how unique and special the society and economics stream is. In addition to general upper secondary study guidance, students are encouraged to reflect upon their own studies, aims and values with regard to current topics in society. The course helps students to understand the field of political, economic and cultural activities where they are expected to take a greater role in the near future. At the same time students get to know different Finnish institutions, research centres and businesses. Students return a personal study plan where they add a time capsule to be opened in their final year at school. Two thirds of the course is completed during the first period and one third during the last school year. Grading: Completed.

xLyh8 Continuation course in social sciences

The course deepens the students' understanding of phenomena and structures in society. Science wise the focus is on sociological research. The aim is that after the course students are able to understand more clearly the tradition of social studies beginning in the 19th century as well as understand more in detail current interests of research. This is how, during the course, students gather knowledge and skills that help them to understand the current situation in society as well as the phenomena and structures linked to it. Students may choose texts they find interesting and useful regarding their further studies. Additionally, students will read at least one classic in sociology (e.g. Comte, Weber, Durkheim, Marx, Mead, Simmel, Foucault, Goffman) and one modern text (e.g. Beck, Bourdieu, Habermas. Castells, Giddens, Bauman, Therborn). Numerical grading. Grade 4 does not add to the total number of courses.

xLyh9 Leadership and Influence in society

The course focuses on societal influence from the aspect of companies, political parties, interest groups and non-governmental organisations. The second theme of the course is leadership. What are the skills and the methods needed to lead different kinds of organisations? The course deepens the themes of course Yh1: How do goals turn into decisions in organisations, companies and in the entire society? Grading: Completed.

xLyh10 Advanced course in law and jurisdiction

Students learn about applying jurisdiction in different fields of justice. The course consists of practical jurisdictional assignments and problem solving. Different fields of jurisdiction are explored together with law firms. Additionally students get to know the Finnish jurisdictional system and law in detail. The course deepens the contents of course YH4 and suits to those interested in studying law and working as a lawyer. Successful completion of the course requires students to complete Citizens' law course. Grading: Completed.