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Chemistry (KE)


Chemistry (KE)

xLke1 Chemistry everywhere

The course is part of the Introduction to Natural Sciences and is realised as a joint biology, physics and chemistry course. Students study the structure of the atom, periodic table, explaining properties of matter via chemical bonding as well as their importance to people and the environment. Students perform lab work during the course. Numerical grading.

Nationwide specialisation courses

xLke2 The chemistry of people and the environment

Students examine phenomena associated with organic and computational chemistry, such as the amount and content of matter, using computer modelling when appropriate. Numerical grading.

xLke3 Reactions and energy

Students examine chemical reactions, i.e. factors influencing the process of chemical reactions and reaction rates as well as energy changes in chemical reactions and their significance to living environments (e.g. industry). Furthermore, students are familiarised with chemical equations, stoichiometric calculations and the Ideal Gas Law. Numerical grading.

xLke4 Materials and technology

The course familiarises students with the principles of electrochemical phenomena and relevant quantitative applications as well as the properties and manufacturing methods of different materials. Electrochemical series, standard electrode potentials, chemical cells and electrolysis are examined by means of oxidising and reducing reactions. Numerical grading.

xLke5 Reactions and equilibrium

Students examine reaction equilibria, acid-based equilibrium, strong and weak acids and bases as well as solubility and solubility equilibrium. The course is held in Finnish. Numerical grading.

School-based specialisation courses

xLke6 Preparing for the matriculation exam

Students revise the core contents of the upper secondary chemistry syllabus and are prepared for the matriculation exam. The xLke6 course is studied in Finnish. Evaluated with a number grade. A 4 will not count towards the 75 courses.

xLke7 Forensic investigation

In the course students investigate cases focusing on the secrets of biochemistry. The forensic techniques include blood, fingerprint and DNA analysis. The course is held in cooperation with specialists and includes a field trip. This is a combined biology and chemistry course. Grading: Completed.

xLke8 Analysis of medicinal ingredients

The course deepens students’ knowledge of organic chemistry by studying molecules in medicinal ingredients. Course contents include recognising functional groups, doing medicinal calculations and getting to know methods of producing and analysing medicine. Molecules are modelled using specialised software. Students make medicine such as Aspirin in the laboratory. The course prepares students for the matriculation examination as well as for further studies in pharmacy / medicine. Cooperation with companies. Grading: Completed.

xLke9 Chemistry lab course

In this course students do laboratory research at school as well as in university chemistry class. The laboratory work consists of essential upper secondary chemistry course contents. Students may produce soap, hand cream and nylon in the laboratory. Students document what they learn by producing, for example, a video blog. Grading: Completed.