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Biology (BI)

Biology (BI)

Compulsory courses

xLbi1 Life and evolution

The course familiarises students with biology as a science, preconditions and characteristics of life, diversity and development of organisms and the mechanisms of evolution. Additionally, students learn about the structure and the functions of cells. Independent course completion: exceptions only. Numerical grading.

xLbi2 Ecology and environment

The course familiarises students with the basics of ecology at the population, organism and ecosystem level. Additionally, the course covers different types of environmental problems, their causes and possible solutions. The aim is that students develop skills in understanding the environment as well as the importance of protecting it alongside sustainable development. Numerical grading.

Nationwide specialisation courses

xLbi3 Cells and heredity

The course deepens knowledge of cells and their functions, different biomolecules, energy production and reproduction of cells. In addition, students learn about the basis of heredity. Numerical grading.

xLbi4 Human biology

The course focuses on the structure of human biological systems, functions and regulation of vital functions. The course also deals with human reproduction, the link between heredity and health and the human body’s defence mechanisms. Numerical grading.

xLbi5 Applied biology

The course familiarises students with different methods and applications in biotechnology and their meaning for industry, environmental protection and sustainable development. In addition, students familiarise themselves with microbes and their importance, as well as different applications in gene technology. Numerical grading.

School-based specialisation courses

xLbi6 Biology lab and field course

The course covers contents of courses BI1-BI5 through a variety of practical tasks, including lab work and when possible, different field tasks or visits. Students do not need to complete prior courses B2-B5 in order to participate. The aim of the course is to familiarise students with different methods in biology and to develop experimental skills. Students must return a portfolio to pass the course. Grading: Completed.

xLbi7 Biology revision course

The course revises the core topics of the biology courses and prepares students for the matriculation examination. Students familiarise themselves with different question types and practise answering techniques. Numerical grading.

xLbi8 Human genetics and heredity

The human biology specialisation course focuses further in detail on human genetics and heredity. In the course students find out what genes can tell us, how we can research them and what are the on-going conversations linked to genetics. The course is organised in cooperation with specialists, including visits. It is advised that students participate in human biology and gene techniques before this course. Grading: Completed.