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The students are very nice and friendly, and the teachers are funny and helpful. Ivana

Upper Secondary courses - new ops 2016

In a course-based upper secondary school such as Kulosaari, students plan their own schedule. It is recommended that students firstly select compulsory courses intended for their grade, after which students can fill their schedule with specialisation and applied courses according to their interests. Students are able to choose classes where the teaching is conducted chiefly in English or in Finnish according to their preference. Specialisation and applied courses are generally bilingual. More detailed information about our courses offered and course contents can be found by following the below links. 

Biology (BI)
Business studies (SBS)
Chemistry (KE)
Chinese (SKI)
Civics and economics (YH)
Educational and vocational guidance (OP)
English A (ENA)
Ethics (ET)
Evangelical-Lutheran religion (UE)
Finnish as mother tongue and literature (ÄI)
Finnish as a second language (S2)
French A (RAA)
French B2 (RAB2)
French B3 (RAB3)
General communication skills (IT)
Geography (GE)
German A (SAA)
German B2 (SAB2)
German B3 (SAB3)
Health education (TE)
History (HI)
Japanese (SJA)
Mathematics, advanced syllabus (MAA)

Mathematics, basic syllabus (MAB)
Music (MU)
Orthodox religion (UO)
Philosophy (FI)
Physical education (LI)
Physics (FY)
Programming (STT)
Psychology (PS)
Russian A (VEA)
Russian B3 (VEB3)
Science (SSCI)
Spanish A (EAA)
Spanish B (EAB3)
Spanish B2 (EAB2)
Swedish A (RUA)
Swedish B (RUB)
Theme-based studies (TO)
Visual arts (KU)