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Studying at the Upper Secondary

Kulosaari Secondary School teaches the national curriculum and focuses on internationalism, bilingualism, social and economic sciences and science and technology. The school has a Finnish programme as well as a society and economic programme, an English programme and a science and technology programme.

In general, students in the Finnish programme take the compulsory courses in Finnish, and students in the English programme take the compulsory courses in English. However, students in both the Finnish and English programmes may in most cases choose their subject's language of instruction. Although English is the language of instruction for the English programme, the textbooks are generally in Finnish. It is possible however, for students to also obtain the textbooks in English. Students can take exams in the language of their choice. If a student wishes to complete the matriculation examination, it is recommended that they study the respective specialisation subjects in Finnish. It is also recommended that students studying for the Cambridge International AS and A level examinations take the respective subjects in English.

Our school year is divided into five periods. Students take 5-7 subjects per period. A six day exam period is held at the end of each period, during which examinations are held for the subjects conducted during that period. Grades for the courses completed become visible in the Wilma application in the following period.

Information about current events and study related matters are notified using Wilma. Timetables can also be found in Wilma, and it is the best way to get in touch with the school staff. In addition to Wilma, information about studying and other current events are given in weekly meetings held by the group coordinators.

More detailed information about our school's policies on studying and planning as well as this year's timetable can be found by following the links on the left side of the page.