The opportunity for doing retakes is offered five times during the academic year. In the academic year 2017–2018, the dates of the retakes are:

Thursday 24.8.2017 klo 16-19.00/ enrolment by 17.8.2017

Thursday 2.11.2017 klo 16-19.00 / enrolment by 26.10.2017

*Tuesday 19.12.2017 klo 16-19.00 / enrolment by 14.12.2017

Thursday 8.3.2018 klo 16-19.00/ enrolment by 1.3.2018            

*Thursday 26.4.2018 klo 16-19.00/ enrolment by 19.4.2018

* Students have the opportunity to raise passed grades.


When retaking an exam, students must fill in an enrolment form and hand it to the student counsellor by the end of the registration period indicated in the calendar These yellow forms can be obtained from the student counsellor or from the group coordinators. Signing up for a retake is binding, i.e. if the student fails to retake the exam at the appointed time, it will not be possible to enroll for the next retake;  he/she will only be permitted to do it by re-attending the respective course. A failed course must be retaken in the next retake exam!