Course completion and absences

Absences and tardies

 Students are obliged to participate in instruction unless they have been granted exemption from it. Upper secondary school instruction includes lessons, group coordinator's sessions and various joint events and festivities. Students must go to their lessons and other events punctually.

Absences and tardies are marked in the computer-based Wilma application. All students and guardians are given personal passwords to Wilma. If a guardian does not use the application, the group coordinator will deliver a printout of absences. The guardian of an underaged student must justify absences promptly. Students over 18 justify their own absences.  All the absences must be justified to the group coordinator before the beginning of exam week or a student will not be permitted to attend the exam.

If an upper secondary school student is absent for 75 minutes from a course more than three times, the course is interrupted. In this case, the student does not have the right to write the course exam or a retake exam. If the reason for the absence is particularly strong and justified with certificates, there may be a maximum of five 75 minute absences. In this case the 4th and the 5th absence must be justified with certificates. The principal may grant permission for the student to continue the course for special reasons after consulting with the teacher, even though the student has been absent more than five times. Attending matriculation examinations, Cambridge exams,  a theoretical or a practical driving test, a trip organised by the school or representing the school are not recorded as an absence. If a student is more than 15 minutes late for a lesson, the tardy is recorded as an absence.

In online courses, students must be present during the contact hours. Online courses have either one or two contact lessons per week depending on the course. If there is one contact lesson a week and  a student is absent more than one 75 minute contact lesson, the course is marked as not completed (K), except when agreed differently with the course teacher. If the reason for the absence is particularly strong and justified with certificates, there may be a maximum of two 75 minute absences. If the online course has two contact lessons a week, the maximum amount of absences is two 75 minute absences or four if there is a particularly strong and justified reason for it. Otherwise the online courses follow the same guidelines as the courses that have full contact hours.

 Absence from an exam 

If a student is absent from an exam due to unexpected reasons such as illness, their guardian, or in the case that the student is over 18, the students themselves must inform the school no later than the morning of the exam using Wilma, by sending an e-mail to the teacher responsible for the course, or by calling the school office. If the absence is not justified on latest the day of the exam, the course is marked as not completed (K) and the student does not have the right to attend a retake exam.

Holidays during school year

 The school does not view extra holidays during school year in a positive light. In our experience, in particular, long absences  have a negative effect on school grades because among other things, part of the course evaluation is based on classroom participation. For justified reasons, the group coordinator may grant permission for an absence for up to three days, the vice-principal up to five days and the principal for longer periods. Absences longer than one day must be applied for no later than two weeks in advance in writing, using an application form. The absence form can be found at the school office and on the school website. Granted leave does not increase the absence quota of an upper secondary student.