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Everyday I smile because I'm in a happy school with good friends and teachers. Dabin

Upper Secondary

Kulosaari Upper Secondary School focuses on goal-orientated learning. The goal is to develop students' academic abilities so that they may continue their education in Finland and abroad. We educate our students to take initiative and to have courage and creativity to be tolerant, broad-minded citizens of the world. We are a close-knit community, we know each other and encourage one another. For us, upper secondary is a great deal more than just lessons, it's an important stage of our lives!

At Kulosaari Upper Secondary students can study in either Finnish or in English. Since the school offers instruction in two languages, everyone has the opportunity to attain excellent English skills or maintain their existing language skills. Students may choose to study some of their subjects in Finnish or in English, most courses are also taught bilingually. At the end of their studies students complete the Finnish matriculation examination and can supplement it with University of Cambridge AS and A level exams in individual subjects.

In addition to bilingual teaching, there is a broad selection of other languages on offer. Students can study Spanish, French, German, Russian, and basic courses in Chinese, Korean and Japanese if they are interested.