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Our school is pretty amazing. We have awesome teachers who actually make us understand stuff and make the lessons fun! Annushka


We support one's growth into a courageous individual

We are curious and we explore the world actively. We get excited about things and we grasp them in a courageous and enterprising way. We develop creative and unique solutions and initiate new opportunities. We aren't discouraged by mistakes rather we learn and always try our best. We take responsibility for ourselves and get to know ourselves. We show respect and empathy towards everything that surrounds us. We promote responsibility and well being.

We are a caring community

Together we create a safe and fair school community. We value each other and we can trust each other. We all have the possibility to participate and be part of the school's activities. We take responsibility for the functioning of our community and the world at large. We help and encourage each other. We are open to the new and different. We value and benefit from the diversity of our community.

We aim to the world

We live in an international world, we proudly represent a Finnish perspective and we create networks. We have an open mind towards diversity, we value different cultures and know how to act and communicate with them. We strive to make the world a better place.

We build future

We offer a goal-oriented learning environment where our students gain diverse knowledge and skills. Developing one's own skills and finding one's own strenghts is important to us. Our academic atmosphere is created by passion for learning. We take initiative and we are innovative and critical. We evaluate and give constructive feedback. We understand the meaning of sustainable development.