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The students are very nice and friendly, and the teachers are funny and helpful. Ivana


Our school has a comfortable and well-equipped library. The library is available for use by students and staff during school hours. Students can borrow books, study or use a computer in the library. The library also has a wide selection of newspapers and magazines. 

The library has a broad selection of literature, non-fiction and upper secondary textbooks. The library computers can be used for study purposes and retrieving information. Schoolwork may be printed in the library.

Borrowing Upper Secondary Text Books

Textbooks for old curriculum compulsory upper secondary courses can borrowed for a deposit. The deposit is returned to the student once they have returned all the books they have borrowed and their locker key when leaving the school.

The library is open to students on school days at 8 am - 4 pm.

Open to the Public

On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4 pm - 7 pm

The library is ran by volunteers two times a week under the name of Lukutupa or Reading Room. The Reading Room is open to the public to read and borrow books, play board games and spend time. You don't need a library card to borrow books. Lectures and other programme are occasionally held at the Reading Room. You can keep up to date with the Reading Room on kulosaarelaiset.fi (in Finnish).

The Reading Room accepts book donations. However, due to the limited amount of shelf space, please check the lists below to make sure that the Reading Room doesn't already have the titles you wish to donate.

Events in the Reading Room

25.1. Theme Evening 6 pm: Juha Nurminen: Itämeren suojelusta (About the protection of the Baltic Sea)

1.3. Theme Evening 6 pm: Venla Hiidensalo: kirjoittamansa kirjat (Sinun tähtesi) ja Kulosaari

22.3. Theme Evening 6 pm: Leena Majander-Reenpää: Minna Canth

19.4. Theme Evening 6 pm: Martti Backman: Vakoojat-kirjan tarina (The Story of the book Vakoojat)

Lists of Books in the Reading Room (updated 30.3.2016)

Please note that the lists also contain books that are currently checked out. Therefore, a title may not be available even though it's in the list. A list of non-fiction works will be added later. The lists are also updated as new books come in.
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