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The Helsinki International Model United Nations is a conference that simulates the operation of the UN. Through dialogue, students explore solutions to international political issues. Students form a delegation that represents a certain country or organisation. During the conference, members of the delegation adopt the opinions and ideologies of the country they represent. Issues that concern society are discussed in the debates, for example border disputes and violations of human rights. HELIMUN offers students a wider world view and the opportunity to develop their skills to express themselves in English.

Every year, Kulosaari Secondary School organises Finland's oldest and only English-language UN simulation. During the two days, students practice their debating skills and deepen their understanding of international issues. Year 9 students participate in the HELIMUN conference by completing two preparatory tasks related to their civics lessons.

Every year the school sends a delegation to the world's largest Model United Nations conference at the Hague. In January, the city with several of the UN organisations' headquarters fills with thousands of students from around the world. The Hague International Model United Nations has been organised since 1968 and our school has been sending delegations of upper secondary students for a decade.