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I couldn't imagine myself in any other school. Annushka

Our school

Kulosaari Secondary School is an international school where teaching is conducted in Finnish and in English. We offer engaging education in a pleasant and international environment. We place importance on the progress of students' learning, caring for one another and considerate behaviour.

Our school operates in two languages, Finnish and English. A course's teaching language depends on the class, teacher and subject. School events and festivities are held in both languages. Some of our staff are native English speakers, and many of our Finnish teachers have extensive experience from abroad.

It's important to us that learning is both goal-based and enjoyable. We help our students set study goals and determinedly work to achieve them. At Kulosaari Secondary, it is possible to accelerate one's progress by studying part of the curriculum faster than normal. It is also possible to complete international diplomas at Kulosaari Secondary.