Principals´ greetings

School year 2016-2017: new curricula, new ideas, new arrangements

A new school year is always an exciting experience. This time round it is particularly exciting as we begin implementing new curricula and plenty of new ideas and solutions that come alongside with them. Although there are many courses following the old curricula, everybody will also experience new content and learning methods. New things require learning and adjusting and this concerns teachers as well as students. Nevertheless, learning will be broader, more sociable and hopefully more inspiring, producing even better and more long lasting results than before.

Sustainable results cannot be produced by emphasising academic learning alone. We also value social development and well-being. When they are met, the conditions are right for improving skills.

As the school is growing there is also growing pressure to find more premises. This school year the school campus expands to cover the nearby Domus building and the parish hall. In addition, we are constructing new premises.

As we have more students and teachers, the school has greater possibilities and better resources to make things happen. We aim to be the tip of the spear of developing education that continuously flies towards better targets.

We the teachers and staff at KSYK promise to do our very best in order to help each student to thrive. We challenge each student to do their best in building their own future by getting excited about studying and supporting everybody's development. Together we make our school the best possible for all of us.

It is a joy to be a part of all of this. It is a joy to be at KSYK!

We wish you all an inspiring school year 2016-2017!

Lauri Halla

Richard Cousins
Vice Principal

Minnariitta Raitio
Vice Principal