Principal´s Page 2nd March 2016


New Openings at Kulosaari

In addition to our daily teaching during the school year, we at Kulosaari Secondary have been also busy developing the school. The following is a brief overview of current events and initiatives.

KSYK is growing
The number of students has been growing for the last few years and will continue to do so in the future. Next autumn there will be about 850 students at KSYK.

New upper secondary science and technology stream
The administrative board has decided to start a new upper secondary science and technology stream in autumn 2017. It will be an additional stream complementing the existing ones. Thus the number of new students will grow to 150 a year. The selection of upper secondary courses will be broader, particularly in applied natural sciences. One of the aims of the new stream is to provide students with excellent opportunities for further studies in natural sciences, technology and medical science.

Development of the school premises
A growing school requires larger premises. We are planning to build a separate School of Rock music class building in the front yard where the bike shed is currently located. Additionally, we will use a driving school's classroom in the nearby Domus building. Classroom R25 will be redecorated this summer.

Curriculum renewal
Curricula will be renewed beginning in summer 2016. Nationally the new curricula will be applied step by step, however Kulosaari Secondary School will apply them immediately as long as they do not conflict with the previous curriculum. Natural sciences and maths will be partly combined and taught as a new science subject both in lower and upper secondary. Some new elective courses will be offered jointly to lower and upper secondary students.

Information technology in learning
The online and blended courses (courses that have some contact hours) offered this year will continue to be offered in the future, and in addition the private schools' Online Upper Secondary will offer more courses. Digital matriculation examination will begin step by step in autumn 2016. Upper secondary students will bring their own computers to school on daily basis. Additionally, the school has about 200 laptops, primarily for lower secondary students.

More student guidance counselling
We will get one more student guidance counsellor this year. New curricula further highlights co-operation between schools, work and universities and this will be one of our focus points.

School on the move
The School On the Move initiative that supports students' active lifestyle is expanding to all comprehensive schools and to some upper secondary schools. Kulosaari Secondary School will encourage students to have a more active lifestyle using more physically active teaching methods, organising lessons outside classrooms, encouraging students to do sports during breaks and offering more sports courses and clubs, among other things.

New upper secondary Dare To Try programme
The Ministry of Education and Culture will start a programme to update upper secondary learning methods and environments and to enable a greater number of elective courses in natural and human sciences. Kulosaari Secondary school will consider joining this programme.

New educational board
The term of the current educational board will finish at the end of the school year. The administrative board of the school will elect five parent representatives and their vice members for a new three-year period. During the spring we will gauge the interest of the parents to take this responsible and interesting role in developing our school.

The next year's schedule
The educational board has decided the next school year's schedule. The school year will begin on Monday 15th August 2016. However some intensive courses organised for the senior students to prepare them for the matriculation examination in autumn will begin on 10th August 2016. The exact dates can be found on information letters in Wilma.

KSYK Products online
This spring the school together with a partner will open an online shop that sells KSYK clothes and other items.

Student selection
The new 7th graders' names will be published on 15th March 2016. The school can accommodate about 150 new pupils. The upper secondary school will accept 128 new students. Upper secondary marketing has been brought to a more modest level to control the number of applicants and the grade point averages in order to try and ensure that as many of our own 9th graders could be offered a place here. The names of the new upper secondary students will be published on 16th June 2016.