Principals´ greetings

Sustainable learning consists of learning new skills without weakening one’s current or future well-being. Sustainable learning also consists of forming a solid base of knowledge on which one can build on lifelong learning instead of just superficially learning by heart something that is soon forgotten. In other words, sustainable learning does not emphasize on a fleeting piece of information but rather such values, skills and characteristics on which one can trust his or her lifelong learning process. Neither is lifelong learning just a development of one particular individual but rather joint social growth of an individual and the surrounding community together. Sustainable learning always brings extravalue with it.

Sustainable learning is mainly valued by other measures than achieved grades. Naturally academic improvement measured by grades is one important aspect of evaluation. But physical and psychological health and well-being, motivation and enthusiasm for studying and life and social contacts are at least as important. These can only be evaluated by each and everyone in the long run.

During the school year 2017-2018 we aim to develop evaluation methods, all-round learning, well-being and team spirit. By developing evaluation and its methods we hope to find new ways of making learning more motivating and more sustainable. Integrating phenomenon based learning more to everyday school life and developing team learning will hopefully result in wider, more social and more influencial learning. By supporting well-being and sense of community will make our school better and the school years spent here more enjoyable.

The school year brings many changes. Both in lower and upper secondary school students study mostly according to the new curriculum. The already existing upper secondary streams will be complemented by the new Science and Technology stream with its emphasis on natural sciences. All four streams have stream leaders whose responsibilities are to strengthen the characteristics of each stream and to build networks in their own field in order to contribute to the stream. The streams and their specialization areas will also benefit the lower secondary school.

Our school has grown again by 30 students or so and new teaching space has been acquired. This includes the new music house School of Rock and a third classroom from Domus. The congregation hall is no longer in regular use. The old music classroom has been turned into a science classroom. In addition to this, study counselling and administration get more office space.

We can proudly announce that this year, too, we have our Dream Team. It consists of highly motivated and amiable students, highly professional teaching staff and all other professionals who run the school’s administrative and support services.

We the teachers and staff at KSYK promise to do our very best in order to help each student to thrive. We challenge each student to do their best in building their own future by getting excited about studying and supporting everybody's development. Together we make our school the best possible for all of us.

It is a joy to be a part of all of this. It is a joy to be at KSYK!

We wish you all an inspiring school year 2017-2018!

Lauri Halla, Principal

Minnariitta Raitio, Vice Principal 

Richard Cousins, Vice Principal