Principals´ greetings

Sustainable learning consists of learning new skills without weakening one’s current or future well-being. Sustainable learning also consists of forming a solid base of knowledge on which one can build on lifelong learning instead of just superficially learning by heart something that is soon forgotten. In other words, sustainable learning does not emphasize on a fleeting piece of information but rather such values, skills and characteristics on which one can trust his or her lifelong learning process. Neither is lifelong learning just a development of one particular individual but rather joint social growth of an individual and the surrounding community together. Sustainable learning always brings extravalue with it.

Sustainable learning is mainly valued by other measures than achieved grades. Naturally academic improvement measured by grades is one important aspect of evaluation. But physical and psychological health and well-being, motivation and enthusiasm for studying and life and social contacts are at least as important. These can only be evaluated by each and everyone in the long run.

During the school year 2017-2018 we aim to develop evaluation methods, all-round learning, well-being and team spirit. By developing evaluation and its methods we hope to find new ways of making learning more motivating and more sustainable. Integrating phenomenon based learning more to everyday school life and developing team learning will hopefully result in wider, more social and more influencial learning. By supporting well-being and sense of community will make our school better and the school years spent here more enjoyable.

The school year brings many changes. Both in lower and upper secondary school students study mostly according to the new curriculum. The already existing upper secondary streams will be complemented by the new Science and Technology stream with its emphasis on natural sciences. All four streams have stream leaders whose responsibilities are to strengthen the characteristics of each stream and to build networks in their own field in order to contribute to the stream. The streams and their specialization areas will also benefit the lower secondary school.

Our school has grown again by 30 students or so and new teaching space has been acquired. This includes the new music house School of Rock and a third classroom from Domus. The congregation hall is no longer in regular use. The old music classroom has been turned into a science classroom. In addition to this, study counselling and administration get more office space.

We can proudly announce that this year, too, we have our Dream Team. It consists of highly motivated and amiable students, highly professional teaching staff and all other professionals who run the school’s administrative and support services.

We the teachers and staff at KSYK promise to do our very best in order to help each student to thrive. We challenge each student to do their best in building their own future by getting excited about studying and supporting everybody's development. Together we make our school the best possible for all of us.

It is a joy to be a part of all of this. It is a joy to be at KSYK!

We wish you all an inspiring school year 2017-2018!

Lauri Halla, Principal

Minnariitta Raitio, Vice Principal 

Richard Cousins, Vice Principal

Principal’s Page 15th August 2016

Lots of new in KSYK

The school introduces lots of changes and improvements in the beginning of 2016-2017. This is a short introduction to most important items. More information will be available in parents' meetings, info meetings and directly.

The number of students at KSYK

We at KSYK are more numerous than before now that the society and economics stream is taught in all three years. There are now about 465 lower secondary students and about 395 upper secondary students. There are about 60 teaching staff and about 25 other staff. This means there are more than 900 people at school on a daily basis.

New teaching staff
The number of teaching staff has grown. The new upper secondary student guidance counsellor is Leena Oittila. The new teachers are Päivi Autio (Swedish and English), Meri Heikkilä (Finnish as a second language and Finnish as a first language), Esko Häyrynen (chemistry, mathematics and philosophy), Aleksi Lahti (civics) and Linnea Peurakoski (chemistry and biology).

Lower secondary school curricula
Part of the new curricula in the lower secondary school affects all students. Although the old national curriculum is still valid, we begin implementing the new curricula when they do not conflict with the old ones. There will be more holistic phenomena based learning entities that are realised during theme days and normal lessons. The Finnish Schools on the Move programme invites students to lead a healthier lifestyle. There are small changes in the allocation of hours. The new elements are among others, science lessons in year 7, an extra civics course that covers international politics and prepares students for the Helimun conference, and a broad selection of electives that allow all students to combine learning and social co-operation regardless of their age.

Upper secondary school curriculum
The new curricula concerns new students in the upper secondary school. The courses following the new curriculum have a course code beginning with x. There will be more integration and phenomena based learning combining different subjects. The school participates in the national allocation of hours trial that offers students more flexibility in course selection. About 50% of the new students have tentatively chosen to participate in the trial. Additionally, we offer a new so called sixth period when students can complete one course as a project or field trip. The sixth period will be organised 5th - 9th of June 2017.

School premises
A lot of improvements have been made to the school premises during the summer. Classrooms R21 and R22 have been turned into staff work and lunch space. Thus the students have gained more space in the cafeteria. The toilets opposite the staff room are now designated for student use. The upper secondary school student guidance counsellor Riitta Kaisto and the psychologist Iida Vuollo both have a new office in the U corridor. The school gym was extended and the equiment improved. The U corridor now has a better air conditioning. In addition, the classroom R25 was redecorated in the fresh archipelago spirit.

The construction work of the new music classroom premises, School of Rock, has begun in the beginning of August. Due to the construction, the front yard is partly reserved for the work site. It is not possible to bring students to school by car. We recommend that you drop your child in Ståhlbergintie or Svinhufvudintie, which are only a short walk from school.

Since the school is growing and there have been changes to the premises, the school needs more classrooms. The campus now includes two new classrooms in the Domus building. It is a three-minute walk from the school to get to classrooms D1 and D2. In addition, the upper secondary school also uses the parish hall of the Kulosaari congregation, classroom S1 which is less than 6 minutes from the school by foot.

Science and technology stream
Planning of the upper secondary science and technology stream contents continues. The new stream will begin in 2017 and it will offer applied special courses in natural sciences and technology, as well as visits and co-operation with organisations outside school. More information about the new stream will be given in upper secondary info sessions and in parents' evenings.

Applying for the upper secondary and for the 7th grade
The new upper secondary school student lists were published in June. The grade point average cut off marks in the Finnish and English stream were slightly lower than the previous year whereas in the society and economics stream the grade point average cut off marks were a bit higher. When the new science and technology stream begins, there will be 150 new students accepted yearly and we hope that more students applying for upper secondary school will get a place that they wish for.

About 300 students applied to study in 7th grade last spring, from which the school can accommodate 150. Next spring, we can accept the same number of students.

The principal will be on parental leave
Principal Lauri Halla will be on parental leave 19th of September 2016 – 31st of March 2017. During his leave he will respond to questions regarding student applications as well as premise-related issues. His substitute will be vice-principal Minnariitta Raitio.

- The Alumni association will organise a competition where students get to design new clothes to be sold at the school online shop. The winners will receive a cash prize.
- Online matriculation examinations will begin in Autmn with German, philosophy and geography followed by civics, French and psychology in Spring 2017. In autumn, the exams will be organised in the language lab U23 and in spring there will be an online environment in the small gym U30.
- The new school board will begin their three year mandate. The head of the board is Mika Mäkinen.

Principals´ greetings

School year 2016-2017: new curricula, new ideas, new arrangements

A new school year is always an exciting experience. This time round it is particularly exciting as we begin implementing new curricula and plenty of new ideas and solutions that come alongside with them. Although there are many courses following the old curricula, everybody will also experience new content and learning methods. New things require learning and adjusting and this concerns teachers as well as students. Nevertheless, learning will be broader, more sociable and hopefully more inspiring, producing even better and more long lasting results than before.

Sustainable results cannot be produced by emphasising academic learning alone. We also value social development and well-being. When they are met, the conditions are right for improving skills.

As the school is growing there is also growing pressure to find more premises. This school year the school campus expands to cover the nearby Domus building and the parish hall. In addition, we are constructing new premises.

As we have more students and teachers, the school has greater possibilities and better resources to make things happen. We aim to be the tip of the spear of developing education that continuously flies towards better targets.

We the teachers and staff at KSYK promise to do our very best in order to help each student to thrive. We challenge each student to do their best in building their own future by getting excited about studying and supporting everybody's development. Together we make our school the best possible for all of us.

It is a joy to be a part of all of this. It is a joy to be at KSYK!

We wish you all an inspiring school year 2016-2017!

Lauri Halla

Richard Cousins
Vice Principal

Minnariitta Raitio
Vice Principal 


Principal´s Page 2nd March 2016


New Openings at Kulosaari

In addition to our daily teaching during the school year, we at Kulosaari Secondary have been also busy developing the school. The following is a brief overview of current events and initiatives.

KSYK is growing
The number of students has been growing for the last few years and will continue to do so in the future. Next autumn there will be about 850 students at KSYK.

New upper secondary science and technology stream
The administrative board has decided to start a new upper secondary science and technology stream in autumn 2017. It will be an additional stream complementing the existing ones. Thus the number of new students will grow to 150 a year. The selection of upper secondary courses will be broader, particularly in applied natural sciences. One of the aims of the new stream is to provide students with excellent opportunities for further studies in natural sciences, technology and medical science.

Development of the school premises
A growing school requires larger premises. We are planning to build a separate School of Rock music class building in the front yard where the bike shed is currently located. Additionally, we will use a driving school's classroom in the nearby Domus building. Classroom R25 will be redecorated this summer.

Curriculum renewal
Curricula will be renewed beginning in summer 2016. Nationally the new curricula will be applied step by step, however Kulosaari Secondary School will apply them immediately as long as they do not conflict with the previous curriculum. Natural sciences and maths will be partly combined and taught as a new science subject both in lower and upper secondary. Some new elective courses will be offered jointly to lower and upper secondary students.

Information technology in learning
The online and blended courses (courses that have some contact hours) offered this year will continue to be offered in the future, and in addition the private schools' Online Upper Secondary will offer more courses. Digital matriculation examination will begin step by step in autumn 2016. Upper secondary students will bring their own computers to school on daily basis. Additionally, the school has about 200 laptops, primarily for lower secondary students.

More student guidance counselling
We will get one more student guidance counsellor this year. New curricula further highlights co-operation between schools, work and universities and this will be one of our focus points.

School on the move
The School On the Move initiative that supports students' active lifestyle is expanding to all comprehensive schools and to some upper secondary schools. Kulosaari Secondary School will encourage students to have a more active lifestyle using more physically active teaching methods, organising lessons outside classrooms, encouraging students to do sports during breaks and offering more sports courses and clubs, among other things.

New upper secondary Dare To Try programme
The Ministry of Education and Culture will start a programme to update upper secondary learning methods and environments and to enable a greater number of elective courses in natural and human sciences. Kulosaari Secondary school will consider joining this programme.

New educational board
The term of the current educational board will finish at the end of the school year. The administrative board of the school will elect five parent representatives and their vice members for a new three-year period. During the spring we will gauge the interest of the parents to take this responsible and interesting role in developing our school.

The next year's schedule
The educational board has decided the next school year's schedule. The school year will begin on Monday 15th August 2016. However some intensive courses organised for the senior students to prepare them for the matriculation examination in autumn will begin on 10th August 2016. The exact dates can be found on information letters in Wilma.

KSYK Products online
This spring the school together with a partner will open an online shop that sells KSYK clothes and other items.

Student selection
The new 7th graders' names will be published on 15th March 2016. The school can accommodate about 150 new pupils. The upper secondary school will accept 128 new students. Upper secondary marketing has been brought to a more modest level to control the number of applicants and the grade point averages in order to try and ensure that as many of our own 9th graders could be offered a place here. The names of the new upper secondary students will be published on 16th June 2016.