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Student Welfare

The lower secondary student welfare group is a multi-professional group that coordinates and develops student welfare at the school, works at improving the well-being of the school community, and looks for solutions to help students in need. The group consists of the chair, the school social counsellor, the student counsellors, the special education teachers, and the school nurse. The group meets regularly and keeps minutes of its meetings.


Taru Alkio Chair of the welfare group, Special education teacher (9BF, 8DF, 7F)
Richard Cousins Vice principal
Satu Nevalainen Student guidance counsellor (9CDEG, 8BEFG, 7BDF)
Karoliina Käpylehto Student guidance counsellor (9AB, 8C, 7C)
Milla Määttä Student guidance counsellor (9F, 8AD, 7AE)
Hanna Eräkangas-Alanärä  School nurse
Meri Miettinen Social counsellor
Iida Vuollo School psychologist
Riikka Virkajärvi-Johnson Special education teacher (9ADE, 8ABE, 7ABCD)
Minna Iittiläinen Special education teacher (9C, 8CG, 7E)