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Our school is pretty amazing. We have awesome teachers who actually make us understand stuff and make the lessons fun! Annushka

Student Guidance Counselling

Student guidance counselling is an independent subject which is taught in all the grades of lower secondary. The main contents of Kulosaari secondary school student guidance counselling are:

7th grade

  • Self-knowledge, responsibilities and freedom
  • Acting with others in international school community of Kulosaari Secondary School
  • Motivation, Studying and school subjects at the lower secondary
  • Digital learning environments and skills
  • Working life
  • Multiculturalism

8th grade

  • Self-knowledge, skills and tendencies
  • Values, goals and dreams
  • Finnish education system (basics)
  • Building one’s own educational track
  • Work and career
  • Working-life skills
  • Entrepreneurship
  • TET, part 1

9th grade

  • self-knowledge, own direction
  • dreams, goals and achieving them
  • Finnish Education system (Advanced)
  • Building one’s own educational track
  • Vocational education
  • Upper Secondary education
  • Studying and working abroad
  • Getting to know and familiar with different educational options
  • Joint application
  • CV and job application
  • Equality in working-life
  • TET part 2

In addition students own current questions will be treated.