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Art, optional

Two dimensions (8th grade) VKU1

Students explore a range of two dimensional media, techniques and materials in practical art works. Students will produce a range of 3D work in various materials and become familiar with examples of sculpture, pottery and constructions from history. The pleasure of producing 3D objects will be emphasised. Grade are pass/fail.

Three dimensions (8th grade) vKU2

Students explore pottery, masks, sculpture and model making. Grade are pass/fail.

Photography (9th grade) vKU3

Make and present visual communications, which explore themes, issues and ideas using digital photography. Students produce a portfolio of digital photos based on themes such as light, movement and texture. Grade are pass/fail.

Video (9th grade) vKU4

Experiment with ideas in making and presenting video productions. Students work in groups to produce their own video film for presenting to the other groups on the course. Grade are pass/fail.