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Our school is pretty amazing. We have awesome teachers who actually make us understand stuff and make the lessons fun! Annushka

Lower Secondary

The joy of learning and working together!

KSYK is an international bilingual school. At the lower secondary school, students may study in either bilingual, English or Finnish speaking classes. Students may study a diverse selection of languages. In addition to English, Spanish, French, German, Swedish, Chinese and Japanese are offered. In addition to core subjects, a broad selection of optional courses is offered. Our teachers are enthusiastic professionals.

Teaching at the lower secondary school is performed according to the Finnish curriculum that we combine with our international experience. We emphasise tolerance, diversity, and the courage to express oneself.

During the term, celebrations, concerts, theme days and other events are an essential part of our school's routine and traditions. Students of all ages from the seventh grade up to candidates for the matriculation examination get together at various clubs held at our school. Our multiprofessional student welfare group assists students with their studies and challenges in their lives.