We offer

A diverse selection of languages

  • As an A language: English, French, Swedish, German, Russian and Spanish. 
  • B language: Swedish
  • B2: French, German, Spanish B3: French, German, Spanish and Russian.
  • Basic courses in Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

A broad bilingual course selection

At our school you can focus on social sciences as well mathematical and natural sciences and complete business studies. In addition, you can choose courses preparing you for AS/A levels in single subjects. It is also possible to complete upper secondary school diplomas in music and physical education.

English: Creative Writing, English Literature, News Watch, International Court of Justice

Social Sciences: World Economics and Politics, Leadership and Influence in Society, Project Management, Applied Course in Law, Workplace Communication, Work-based Learning

Business studies: Marketing and Product Development, Accounting, Business Economics

History: Archaeology, The Medieval World, The Era of Revolutions, Conflict Solving, Speeches That Changed the World

Natural sciences: Advanced Mathematics, Science Watch - New Innovations in Science, Lab Course in Natural Sciences, Development Geography, Globalisation and Sustainable Development, Robotics and Coding

Arts and skills: Ball games, Outdoors camping and free time course, Downhill skiing, Dance, Music technology, Band, Drama, Theatre and Movies, Creative Writing

Great support services

special education, remedial teaching, a school nurse,a social counsellor and a school psychologist.

Excellent student services

The school has a gym and cafeteria.

Exciting events and a sense of community

Dances, celebrations, night school, porridge party, sports events, field trips and school clubs, cooperation with educational institutions and employers including work experience